Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcoming 2011

I'm excited about 2011.  A new academic year.  New curriculum. A fresh start.  A few goals. 

The first is to significantly limit screen time, both TV and Internet.  It will help make the rest easier.

Theological goal: I'm planning on using Horner's Reading Plan.  As I read I want to pay special attention for themes of "Water" and "Nourishing", particularly when they're used together.

Homemaking goal: Keep up with laundry.  Fold it when it comes out of the dryer.  Iron regularly.  That's January.  I *need* to get this under control.  I want to add a new goal in February, then March, and so on.

Academic goal: I want to stick to our schedule more consistently and completely this year.  I want to do some more self-educating, probably Piano and Latin.

Reading goal: I'm participating in the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge again this year. My personal goal is to work through books I already own, am given, or books from the library.

I'm starting with The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis. I'm going to attempt to join the Liping Ma reading club in the social group at the WTM Forum and a reading club for 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child. The library has Her Daughter's Dream waiting for me (some fiction!)

I also want to read SWB's two history tomes this year. I'm partway through HOtAW.

I'm going to try and track/review books at Good Reads then post those reviews here.

Blogging goals:  I've enjoyed the discipline of The Simple Woman's Daybook, Wordless Wednesday, and Weekly Reporting.  I plan to continue those.

I know my Weekly Reports are significantly longer, more detailed, and more yawn-inducing than others', but the practice helped me immensely as I thought back over what we did and planned forward for what we needed to accomplish. For those who read them, would you 1) like me to keep them as they were 2) write a post per child or 3) split them apart in some other way?

I want to be better with my book reviews and hope to post them here more consistently (see above).  I am planning on participating in two other blog memes: Read Aloud Thursday and What's on Your Nightstand.  (of course, I need to clear off my nightstand first ...)

I also want to do more regular, non-planned for me blogging.  Take this new layout for a spin.  Do some more extemporaneous writing.  Some more Commonplace Entries, some more book club participation.


  1. truthfully, i enjoy your weekly reports the way they are.

    simple woman's daybook has also really blessed me. it's sometimes been the only way i've posted because i talk about daniel elsewhere.

  2. Thanks, Jen. It is nice to have an easy way to post something that is meaningful content-wise.

  3. I like your goals! I have been having so many problems with dehydration lately. Both physical and spiritual. I think maybe I will start keeping my eyes open for references to water in my Bible reading, too. (I'm also keeping water by me at all times and drinking frequently. ;O)

  4. I like the weekly reports as they are, too, although, I guess I don't have anything to which to compare them. I guess you could try it the other ways, and see how you like it, and "re-survey" if you want outside opinions! ;-)

  5. I've enjoyed your posts about the weekly review also! I'm interested in the Read Aloud Thursday posts- maybe have to steal that idea too. ;) I'll be praying for you as you start anew tomorrow!

  6. Not tomorrow, Heather ... next week! January 10! N-boy's birthday is Wednesday (Five! How can that be!?!?), so instead of taking that off, we just wait until after.

    That being said, I could use your prayers! Thanks :)

  7. K- I'll be praying! :) Please pray for us, we're back to our schedule today!

  8. Enjoying getting a glimpse of your plans for 2011.

    I combine Prof. Horner's plan with the ESV online audio as my accompaniment to morning kitchen work. While it isn't the same as reading, I find it does help saturate my day in the Word. (Ah, the water theme!) Of course, it's made easier with a laptop with good speakers on the kitchen counter.

    Looking forward to your book reviews!


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