Thursday, February 24, 2011

M-girl's first lost tooth

Is it a problem that the new tooth was about half-way in *behind* the baby tooth before it came out?


  1. Congratulations. ;)

    Sometimes when the teeth are behind, that means they will need braces, but usually that's if there also isn't enough room. Her top teeth look like they have lots of space for future grownup teeth to find their way in, so I'm guessing it'll just move forward on its own.

    --From She Who is Obsessed with Teeth Right Now

  2. We assume that everyone will need braces. I needed braces because my teeth were too spread apart. Jason needed braces because his were too tight together. Our only hope is that they balance out.

    Thanks, Brandy.

  3. Should be fine- it is only a problem if the teeth a fused together. Braces. Sigh. SO MUCH MONEY. Eric should have become an ortho!

    By the way, you were first on the giveaway but for now, you're also the only one. Great odds! :)


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