Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Report Week 7: 2/21/2011-2/25/2011

Our week was somewhat up and down.  Jason was home on Monday (love those bank holidays!) and we got a lot of lessons done.  In the evening, M-girl wasn't feeling very well, and woke Tuesday still feeling poorly, so we didn't do school.  Wednesday was back to getting it done.  Friday, I wasn't feeling well (maybe the beginning of a sinus infection? boo!) and we got a lot of snow and ice overnight, so it wasn't safe to be out and about.  We didn't do our Nature Study; we'll need to make that up next week.

Memory Work:

Bible: We're working on Genesis 1:28.  We really need to go back and work on putting it all together.  I think I should be having the children listen to memory work at other times, too.

Catechism/Creed: M-girl is working on the third and fourth commandments (Q90); N-boy is about through the questions about OT saints, how they worshiped, and what their sacrifices represented (Q63); R-girl is suddenly flying through questions and probably has one more week of working up to the Holy Spirit alone changing a sinner's heart (Q40)

Hymn: We learned the fourth verse to Amazing Grace.

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy have the first two verses of The Swing, R-girl is doing beautifully with The Yak.

Counting: I think the glimmer of understanding about how Odd numbers work finally kicked in this week.  Hoorah!

Other Memory Work: for Geography, we learned The Eastern Border of the United States from Geography songs; for Science, we learned the types of roots from Living Memory; for History, we started talking about memorizing important Pharaohs and historical periods of Egypt.


N-boy: He's moving right along, loving OPG now that he can read.  The other day he was reading a SSRW reader for fun:

R-girl: She and Jason worked on -at, -am, and -an words.  She's still confusing the last letter, but we'll keep plugging away.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: [sigh]  We're going to get back to this.

N-boy: He's been continuing to read The Story of Jesus, which I think is mostly KJV.  He chose this book himself.  He's pretty much reading anything he can get his hands on and is happy to finally be reading his Billy and Blaze books and not just looking at the pictures.


M-girl: still her favorite.  She's choosing it last :)  We continue working on adding up to 10.

N-boy: He's almost done with Practice Book 2 in MEP.  This week we discussed polygons a bit.

R-girl: She continues to work on counting and puzzles.  We've been starting late so she's getting her time shortened.  Need to get back on track.


M-girl: none.

N-boy: He answered 2 questions.  One was a math problem he isn't ready for, so we talked about how to solve the problem.  The other he worked right out.


M-girl: We're starting on the poem for the year.  Which reminds me, I need to get the book ready for her.  We also watched all of the Schoolhouse Rock Grammar videos on Tuesday.

N-boy: He's continuing to work on proper and common nouns.  We began discussing "place" nouns and he started learning the poem "Work."  And Schoolhouse Rock.


M-girl:  Her writing has improved so much with WWE1 in just a month and a half.  It still isn't her favorite to do when it is assigned (although she'll happily write otherwise).  She does like coming up with complex sentences for her narrations for *me* to write.


M-girl: She's moving along at a good clip, here.  No errors on either list this week.


M-girl: She watched Lesson 5 and did one workbook page.  She's doing a nice job and likes Latin.  I need to work on flash cards more with her so she remembers old words, and we need to do them from English into Latin.


M-girl: She's working on "c" I think.

N-boy:  Still working in the numbers.


We finished David MacAulay's Pyramid book this week.  We also listened to Egyptian Treasures by Jim Weiss.  On Monday, we built sugar cube pyramids (minus the glue).


With a lot of help.

Second layer.

Completed with others in background.

Working so hard with little fingers.

She's getting there ... with little to no help

Done, with a lot of help.

Finished, please excuse the expression LOL


No science this week, sick on Tuesday.


We did the hand drawing project from Artistic Pursuits' PreK art book. We broke out the oil pastels and had fun using them.

Art time!

My hand, then filling up the paper

M-girl made an "Eagle"

N-boy made a "Red tailed Hawk"

And a "Tree" ... Jason suggested "Palm Tree"
R-girl calls this her "Orange Tailed Hawk"
Read Alouds:

We read some more Stuart Little, some from Sammy and His Shepherd (which we do for devotions when Jason isn't home in the evening), 2 more of the 50 Famous Men, 2 fables from Aesop, some poetry, a couple pages from our Manners book (which I wasn't thrilled with, but brought up opportunities to remind the children of Sunday's sermon).  Of course, the MacAualy book.  Other books upon request :)


Can I just say how much I love Covenantal Catechism? The children learn a Bible verse and a song every week. We learn about the Bible in a way they can understand and yet has depth.  We don't do the questions as Memory Work, but use them as review. 

We've now memorized Genesis through Ezekiel (added Isaiah through Ezekiel this week) using the Wee Sing Bible Old Testament song.


  1. What do you call a tree you can hold in your hand? A palm tree!!!! ;-)

  2. Love the prymids! And a glimmer of hope sometimes is all that keeps us homeschool moms going! ;)


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