Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Report Week 10: 3/14/2011-3/19/2011

We had a pretty good week 10.  Didn't get as much science done as I had hoped, but did OK otherwise.  Friday was *beautiful* so we took a walk with our Nature Journals then played outside all morning.  Hooray for homeschool!

Memory Work:

Bible: Started Psalm 130 for during Lent.

Catechism/Creed: Continued working on the Nicene Creed through the paragraph about Jesus.  I think we'll work on this section again in Week 11.  M-girl is pretty good with the questions on the 5th and 6th Commandment, we'll go on to the 7th and 8th.  N-boy and R-girl will continue working on their newish sections.

Hymn:We started Smitten, Stricken, and Afflicted (thanks, Jen for the track!).   I was debating, then our organist played it on Sunday and decided to go for it.  Such a haunting melody and a beautiful song.

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy are done with Persevere.  R-girl started My Shadow.

Counting:We're counting by Evens.  The children do a great job *with* me, we need to work on doing them individually.

Other Memory Work: Learned the plant reproductive cycle (Pollination, Fertilization, Seed Production).  We learned the Pacific States song.  We continued working on our first 4 History sentences.


N-boy: He read several lessons.  I'm hoping we get to syllables soon as that's where his weaknesses are (such as they are).

R-girl: She is ready to begin Lesson 30 and 31 in OPG.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is getting closer to finishing Little House in the Big Woods. 

N-boy: is still working on the Continents and Oceans Top Reader and the Story of Jesus book.  He asked to read the  Solar System Top Reader next :)


M-girl: worked on polygons and calendars.  She was not a fan of this section; too little math LOL

N-boy: is working on adding up to 6s.

R-girl: is having so much fun with MEP Reception.  We finally hit a lesson that she had a hard time with: copying shapes on a grid.  We'll keep going, though.


M-girl: She did several lessons including cutting apart and putting together a puzzle, continuing patterns, and working with Venn Diagrams.

N-boy: He worked on 3 Mindbenders Warm-Ups questions.


M-girl: We've had some review lessons and comma usage lessons.  We're also working on her The Months book based on Sara Coleridge's poem.

N-boy:enjoyed the picture narration lesson and we worked more on Proper and Common Nouns.


M-girl: really prefers the Narration lessons in WWE, but we need to keep working on her handwriting


M-girl: continues to work through her spelling lists, practicing spelling and writing words down.


M-girl: She finished Lesson 6 and we continued working on her flash cards.  We do them both Latin to English and English to Latin.  She tells me the English word and I tell her the Latin word, then we do the opposite.  I'm learning too! 


M-girl: she wrote some beautiful cursive 'b's this week.

N-boy: he is still working on numbers, I'm ready to move him into letters!

R-girl: she is writing some very nice zeros.


We read about the start of the Hebrews and their migration into Egypt.  We still need to make our "T-shirts" (read coats) of many colors as we didn't get to it on Friday or Saturday.  Maybe after naps today if we have time/I feel better.  We did the mapwork to go along with Story of the World.


We did the wilted celery in food colored water experiment, the kids thought that was cool.  We also took that walk and looked at and discussed a lot of the nature we saw.


We did an art project on Monday, drawing something from our imagination.  We are enjoying our Art calendar for the year, changing the picture every day.  The children played with those stick them together puffy things and built towers and made their names on Saturday.

Read Alouds:  We finished Mr. Popper's Penguins! We began Bambi by Felix Salten.  I'm finding it a much more challenging read than Mr. Popper, I can't fudge my misreading.  We're only partway into Chapter 2 and I already love it.


We learned about the Tower of Babel and why God dispersed the people.  One commentary I read talked about the people consolidating in one place rather than "filling all the earth" and how this was disobedient to God.  We're still working through Vos, we read about Jonah, Uzziah, and the wicked kings in the Northern kingdom.


  1. Sounds like a great week. :D I'm curious about the wilted celery in colored water experiment ... I think I have some wilted celery ...

  2. Good job doing latin to englush AND englush to latin! that can be tough but cements it in their heads.


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