Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Report Week 11: 3/21/2011-3/25/2011

We had a light week this week. The week started with me feeling generally blechy, so we did no school on Monday. We accomplished Circle Time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I came to the conclusion that we needed a "light" week and it was refreshing. The children played outside and inside, Our brains had a slight rest.

Memory Work:

Bible: We learned Ps 130:3.

Catechism/Creed: We worked more on the Nicene Creed through the paragraph about Jesus. M-girl started Commandments 7 and 8. N-boy and R-girl continued working on their questions.

Hymn: We learned the second verse of Smitten, Stricken, and Afflicted.

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy started the first stanza of Rosetti's "Who Has Seen the Wind?" R-girl is working on "My Shadow."

Counting: Working on evens.

Other Memory Work We're working on the same History Sentences, the Plant Reproductive Cycle, and The Southern Border of the United States.

Read Alouds:

We started Bambi last week and are continuing. We are all enjoying the beautiful writing style. We're almost done with Stuart Little. We had hoped to finish before N-boy went to see the play with Columbus Children's Theatre, but did not. He enjoyed the play last night.


We've continued with our reading through Vos' Story Bible. We read about Hezekiah tonight at dinner.


  1. Are you feeling better? It is good to take those breaks sometimes! Beauty of home education!

  2. I am, thanks. I felt some better Tuesday, and pretty much normal on Wednesday. It was lovely to have a slow week, and I actually think it was good for the children. We've been working so hard this winter, a few light days was a nice reprieve.

    We'll probably actually have a slightly lighter week this week too (less independent work) with the conference and preparation for it :)


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