Saturday, March 05, 2011

Weekly Report Week 8: 2/28/2011-3/4/2011

We had a good week, accomplishing most everything smoothly.  We did some work to catch up on science and history.  We're getting back into our recitation routine and it is so very helpful to me.

Memory Work:

Bible:  The children memorized Gen 1:28, reciting it well enough for Daddy to go on with v 29 next week.

Catechism/Creed: M-girl continues to work on the third and fourth commandments.  N-boy and R-girl will move on to new sections after recitation this morning.

Hymn: We learned verse 5 of Amazing Grace, one that I didn't really know.  M-girl and I are excited for verse 6 next week ... "When we've been there 10,000 years ..."

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy have now finished The Swing and R-girl The Yak.  New poems next week.

Counting: We started working on even numbers this month.

Other Memory Work: We started memory sentences in history, "King Narmer united upper and lower Egypt in 3000 BC.  He was the first to wear the Double Crown."  We began working on the Parts of the Flower.  We started "The Northern Border of the United States."


N-boy: He worked through 'oo' words.

R-girl: We continued to practice -an, -am, and -at words.  She's getting the idea.  I need to find my BOB Books.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: She read a chapter of Little House in the Big Woods and wrote a page.

N-boy: He read more of The Story of Jesus and began a Level 4 reader about Continents and Oceans.


M-girl: We had some review of addition up to 10.  Her next lesson is a "Test" but don't tell her ...

N-boy: He has finished the addition up to 5 section.

R-girl: She loves MEP Reception.  It is fun counting and talking about more, less, above, below, bigger, smaller, and colors.


M-girl: She completed two logic pages this week.

N-boy: He answered 3 Mindbenders this week.


M-girl: We began the book based on The Year by Sara Coleridge.  She thinks that is fun.

N-boy: He's working on Work by Miss A D Stoddart. 


M-girl: Copywork still isn't her favorite, but she's improving.


M-girl:  Other than the word "what" she's going on very well in spelling. 


M-girl: She finished Lesson 5 and now has a review week.  We're also being more diligent about doing her flash cards when she works with me.


M-girl: She's working on 'e' and 'l'  That backward loop is confusing!

N-boy: He's writing 3s.

R-girl: She started writing words! Like her name, or asking us to spell things.  We started penmanship looking at how to write (trace) her name.  We'll start with 0s soon.


We reviewed some this week, read some more about the Great Pyramid, and made cuneiform tablets:

N-boy's.  We used Sculpey clay.

M-girl concentrating.

M-girl almost done.

Ready to bake.

Everyone's is finished!
I did N-boy and R-girl's ... I finally got the hang of it with R-girls (at the top).

Spanish: Not started yet.

Science:We redid the lesson on seeds and the children narrated it. I need to get better about being prepared to take narrations.

Art: On Monday, we did the Artists Compose lesson from AP K-3. There was some success and some perfectionistic "I can't do it" but we made it through.

Read Alouds: We didn't read as much this week; some Stuart Little, some Mr. Popper's Penguins, some other things here and there. Jason read from Vos most nights.

Bible: We talked about Methuselah and the long lives of the first people and who may have known whom based on their ages. That was a fun lesson. We reviewed earlier weeks as well.


  1. Where did you get your memory sentences for history? We're moving onto a new poem next week also- only 3 more for level 3! YAHOO!

  2. I don't know that we'll bother with dates for this year, but we're going to use the sentences from the Hannah's HS Helps Yahoo Group.

  3. Isn't lovely when the week goes smoothly! Sounds like a great week.


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