Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Report Week 12: 5/9/2011-5/13/2011

We've had a pretty good week.  A lot was accomplished and we had fun.  We did Circle Time only two days, and I would have liked to get in a third, but so be it.  I'm planning on moving the Memory Work portion of my Weekly Reports to posting on Mondays what we're planning on accomplishing.  Today will be the last Weekly Report.

Memory Work:

Bible: Finalizing Psalm 130

Catechism/Creed: Picked back up on the Catechism Questions, M-girl is working on Commandments 7 and 8, N-boy is working on the Offices of Christ questions and R-girl is working on being broken down and confused (actually, she almost has it perfect now).

Hymn: We started learning O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

Poetry: M-girl and N-boy started The Eagle. R-girl is still working on My Shadow.  I'm pretty sure she knows it, it is just getting the stanzas in the right order.

Counting: We started skip counting by fours.

Other Memory Work: We're working on the Middle States of the United States, the same History Sentences and Science memory work.


N-boy: I think he did 5 lessons this week.  We worked on silent g and l and the -ough lessons.  I'm hoping we start syllables soon.  He's doing so well with this!

R-girl: She is doing great! We did Lessons 32 and 33 this week.  She's learning 'short e' CVC words.

Assigned Reading: We really need to focus on this.

M-girl: [sigh]

N-boy:  [sigh]


M-girl: she's finished the time and calendar sections in Y1 and started back into the math.  She had a hard time with some of the inequality questions, so we'll work on that some more next week, stepping away from the curriculum.

N-boy: He finished the section adding up to 8s and did a beautiful job with the review page.

R-girl:  She is doing really, really well with this.  I'm becoming more and more tempted to move to Y1 because I'm kinda bored, but she seems to love it, so I will refrain :)


M-girl: didn't do any

N-boy: answered 3 Mindbenders warm-ups.  I wish they didn't have the time questions in the middle of the book, but we just skipped them.


M-girl: had her second dictation exercise and did very very well with it.  She also started learning about adjectives this week, and is able (in a very simple sentence) to identify a noun, linking verb, and adjective.  Hoorah!

N-boy:  I think he's got nouns, proper and common, down!


M-girl: she's been working on the Charlotte's Web week and doing a nice job.  Less and less complaining.


M-girl:  she advanced through three lessons and only had 4 total review words.


M-girl: Finished Chapter 9, she learned how to count from 1-5.


M-girl: her lower case 'f's are looking very nice.

N-boy: finished numbers! She started learning lower case 'a.'

R-girl: is happily working on 6s and loves writing in the salt box.

History: we read Chapter 8 of Story of the World and from a book about Gilgamesh stories from the library.  We need to wrap our mummy.

Science: we learned about roots! We've memorized the types of roots (tap root, fibrous root, adventitious root, aerial root, and prop root) during memory time and learned what they were in our science reading this week. Love it when a plan comes together.

Art:  we did nature journaling two days this week.

Read Alouds:  We're nearing the end of Bambi (you really must read this!).

Bible: We've started reading about the return to Jerusalem in the Vos story Bible.


  1. What history sentences and science memory do you use? I was looking at Classical Conversation's stuff, but think I won't add more to our plate for next year. I will seriously consider it for the following year, though. I think some science memory would be a good addition.

  2. For History Sentences, we're using the ones from Hannah's HS Helps (free) but I'm considering CCs and the Veritas cards.

    For science, and some other eventual work, I'm using lists from Living Memory by Andrew Campbell. I hear the Grammar catechism is worth the price of the book ... I haven't used it yet.

  3. Oh! I had forgotten about that book. I looked at it when I read LCC, but it was new and there was very little information about it, so I didn't seriously consider it.

    I like the look of the CC science cards, and YouTube has some examples of the CC memory work that are pretty impressive. Plus it's all set up in a 3 year cycle, which is my preference over the 4 year SOTW or 5 year Veritas cycle.

    But, I think I've added enough new things for us this coming year as it is, so I have a year to mull it over before making a decision. :)

  4. I went look for Bambi this week at B&N but it wasn't in stock. :(

  5. Heather, I only found Bambi through Amazon, I don't think it is something regularly stocked locally. Which, if you ask me, is a shame. So much better than Disney.

    Mystie, I mulled over the CC Science cards at conference this week. They look great! If I hadn't been ready to run to a lecture and they hadn't been slow, I probably would have bought them ;)

  6. Sounds like a good, full week!

  7. Hmmm... Bambi, I'll try to look for it. Do you have a link to a chapter book version of Bambi on Amazon? Is it Bambi: A Life in the Woods by Salten?

    - Angela (who can only post easily if Name/Url is enabled, but will attempt this time)

  8. Angela, yes the Salten book is the one we're reading. We've found so very much to discuss with this book!

    Thanks for the comment, I'll see if I can figure out what you're talking about Name/URL enabled.


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