Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Report Week 14: 5/15/2011-5/20/2011

We didn't do Circle Time any day this week, and Tuesday we went to open gym for two hours ... and we've had tumbling, tball, and soccer besides.  We still had a pretty good week! 


N-boy: He read two lessons this week dealing with silent consonants.

R-girl: She started learning short /i/ words :) and read two whole lessons!

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: she's *almost* done with Little House in the Big Woods

N-boy: I didn't assign any reading, but I see him reading all the time!


M-girl: has started adding numbers to 10, so working on place value.

N-boy: is doing very well adding up to 8s ... and understanding concepts beyond what we've studied.

R-girl:  We did two lessons ... one worked up to 6s! Hooray!


M-girl: Qwirkle, Set, and Blokus were played often this week.

N-boy: He did two Mindbenders Warm-Ups questions and played the above games.  He's going to give me a run for my money with Blokus before I'm ready.


M-girl: worked on a narration and contractions.

N-boy: worked on a narration and proper nouns.  He's doing a great job with his poetry.


M-girl:  is doing a nice job with her narrations and copywork.


M-girl:  she only had one review word from her two lessons this week.


M-girl: finished learning her numbers up to 10. 


M-girl: her lower case cursive 'f's look great!

N-boy: his lower case cursive 'a's look pretty good :)

R-girl:  loves writing in the salt box.

History:  We started reading about India this week and discussed why ancient civilizations grew along major rivers.

Science: We read about stems this week and talked about their functions, characteristics, and growth.

Art:I didn't do any art projects with the children this week, but they did some art with my mom ... drawings and painted butterflies.

Read Alouds:  We finished Bambi: A Life in the Woods and loved it.

Bible: We've been reading about the rebuilding of the Temple and the Samaritan attempts to thwart it.

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