Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Report: 8/22/11-8/26/11

We had a pretty lovely week.  There were definitely snags here and there, attitudes and such, but we accomplished all the work I had put together.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, I know that makes WRs more interesting, but I'm pretty happy to be getting through our work!


N-boy: Read 3 McGuffey's lessons and was itching for more.  He also made it into multi-syllable words (finished his second to last chart and is now on the home stretch!)

R-girl: is fighting me a little, but capable of the reading. We press on.  She read 3 lessons this week.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl:  We cannot find Little House in the Big Woods which M-girl should have finished months ago, like January.  So I assigned The Cricket in Times Square.  She's enjoying it.  She also finished, finally the CLP K Nature Reader.

N-boy: For N-boy's first real sojourn into assigned reading, he's reading The Littles and finding it fun.


M-girl: is working on adding up to 13s.

N-boy: finished the section on 10s today.

R-girl: is talking about 9s.  I'm so glad I stuck with MEP Reception.


M-girl: did 3 logic pages.  Played several rounds of SET with N-boy.

N-boy: answered three questions correctly, including 2 which didn't give enough information from which to draw a conclusion.   He also played a bunch of SET with M-girl.


M-girl: Narrated The Three Billy Goats Gruff and reviewed the Parts of Speech and punctuation she's been learning.

N-boy:  We're to VERBS! Yippee! We've been talking about action verbs this week.


M-girl: She finished three lessons.


M-girl: did 2 review lessons and only misspelled "o'clock."


M-girl: We did flash cards each day this week and tomorrow we're going to work through some of the pages she's left unfinished.  (What's that about completing what's checked? Bad Mommy!)


M-girl: learned "h" and "k" this week.

N-boy: learned loops below the base line and "d" this week.

R-girl: wrote some beautiful 8s and 9s.

History: We worked on our Egyptian Death Mask on Monday and have more to work on.  Happily, our Bible and History lined up this week with Moses and the Exodus.

Science: This week, we read a lot about muscles and bones and how they work together.  The children did some narration pages and added to our body cutouts.

Art:  We did "cave drawings" from Artistic Pursuits.  They turned out pretty well!

Read Alouds:  We're still enjoying The Trumpet of the Swan, The Bronze Bow, and The Wind in the Willows.

Bible:  We studied the Exodus, reviewed memory work, reviewed the songs for The Old Testament Books of the Bible and The New Testament Books of the Bible.  We read in the ESV Bible Atlas about possible routes for the Exodus and why Mt. Sinai's location is contested.  We read through where Jesus walked on water in the Vos story Bible.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week. I can't believe how big your children are getting! I love to hear what they are learning. :-)

  2. You had been so quiet this week- I'm glad it is because you all were busy w/ good things!

  3. Looks like a solid week. The hands-on project (death mask)sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Nice week. It's so nice to see so many enjoy their weeks and do interesting things.


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