Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekly Report: 8/29/2011-9/2/2011

We had a pretty good week.  We did a lot of our work, but didn't do History or Science.  We are keeping up on our new chore system, and the house looks like it! I'll try to post about it next week.


N-boy: is flying through two-syllable words.  He liked banging on the table for each syllable.

R-girl: is moving more slowly.  She can read the words, has no trouble when she tries, but she's a young 4 and not wanting to try very hard ... it's her last choice lesson.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: read three chapters in The Cricket in Times Square.  She wrote a sentence and drew a picture for each chapter.

N-boy: read four chapters in The Littles.  He wrote many sentences (some more legible than others) and drew pictures for three of the chapters, too.


M-girl: had a really good math week, understanding and seeing the concepts for adding to 13.

N-boy: is doing so well! He had his first "test" and only missed one on a careless mistake.  He's started into shapes after that.

R-girl: is working on 9s.  Seeing what groupings "add" to 9 and considering placement.  She had a great week in MEP Reception.


M-girl: finished three logic pages. One was deciding how to follow instructions (what's the first step?) ... this was a good exercise for her.

N-boy: answered three Mindbenders, including one he doesn't have the math for yet (9+5) and he got it right!  We've been working very hard at paying attention and answering the question after only one reading, and it's paying off.


M-girl: started in on Adverbs.  She's really liking those.  She's also doing quite well with dictations.

N-boy: is working on Verbs, but it's been a light week: picture narration, poetry recitation day, and acting out a poem.  I've started assigning occasional copywork assignments from FLL for him.


M-girl:  We started the week with The Railway Children, and after the first selection in WWE, *I* want to read it.


M-girl:  did two lessons, only missing one word, "catch."


M-girl: We're almost done with our go-back-and-catch-up-on-your-pages.  We also did flash cards more consistently.  I can tell.


M-girl: reviewed the letters she's learned this week.

N-boy: worked on "g"

R-girl: wrote a few 9s.  And I taught her to make an "R" instead of a circle with two legs.

An episode of Liberty's Kids. [grimace]




Read Alouds:

We're through Chapter 5 of the Bronze Bow.  We finished The Trumpet of the Swan [hooray!]. I really liked it, as did the children.  We're a good way through The Wind in the Willows, Toad has just tricked Rat into going for the Doctor and Lawyer.  We'll see what happens next!

Bible: We started talking about Joshua and the entrance into Canaan.  We read Hebrews 11 today, as a lot of the Bible memory verses have been from there.  In our Vos reading at night, we read through the Good Samaritan last night.


  1. BBC did an EXCELLENT version of Railway Children. It is a good read!

  2. It looks like you had an awesomely productive week!


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