Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Report for 9/19-9/23/2011

We had a short week last week because the Women's Retreat was on Friday.  We still had a good week and got through quite a bit of work.  I do have pictures, but want to get posted quickly, so this will be pictureless, sorry 'bout that.


N-boy: finished reviewing two-syllable words.  Only 40 or so lessons.  Then Latin!

R-girl:  reads better than she thinks she does.  She worked on /sh/ and /ch/.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl:  finished a couple of chapters of Cricket in Times Square.

N-boy: cracked me up with his narration of The Lighthouse Family: Storm.  "such-and-so didn't happen in this chapter, but I think it will in the next chapter because of the pictures ..."


M-girl: did one lesson of MEP and some Math Mammoth. 

N-boy: did two MEP lessons.

R-girl: didn't do any math.  I was trying to focus on those reading lessons.  She was sad, she loves MEP.


M-girl:  I don't think she did any.

N-boy:  is almost done with Mindbenders Warm-up.


M-girl:  read one lesson of FLL and one lesson from The Music of the Hemispheres (which she loves).

N-boy: did several lessons from FLL, including the short "Abbreviation" lesson ;)


M-girl: finished two lessons.  WWE isn't her favorite, but *I* love it and it has improved her writing so much.


M-girl: did one Review Test perfectly.


M-girl: Watched one lesson and reviewed flash cards.


M-girl: learned to write p.

N-boy: worked on something.

R-girl: none.

History:  We read about the Minoan civilization.  The children told back to Daddy. 

Science:  We read about learning through our senses; nerves & reflexes; and the sense of touch.  We did three experiments: poke with a toothpick to find nerve endings, holding an ice pack and trying to zip a jacket, and tricking our hands with hot and cold water.  It was pretty fun and I liked the simplicity of the activities.

Art: We did art *twice* last week. On Monday, we did the Artistic Pursuits Minoan "fresco" activity, drawing with black crayon than filling in with watercolor crayon.  We had a great time with that.  Our friends came over on Wednesday and we did another, first a page talking about Line from How to Teach Art to Children.  Then we did portraits from Artistic Pursuits.  Fun!

Read Alouds:  We read some from The Wind in the Willows, but soccer and piano makes reading more difficult.  We have only one story left from Winnie the Pooh.  I don't think I read any from the Bronze Bow, but maybe did on Monday.

Bible:  We enjoyed reading from Vos last week.  Need to get back to more regular work in Covenantal Catechism.


  1. What is "The Music of the Hemispheres?"

    No art for us this past week. :( But we did do a science experiment (making homemade perfume) & IEW with our friends. :) Having lessons with them is a great motivator!

  2. It is Michael Clay Thompson's Poetry program. It teaches about poetry and tools poets use. M-girl really enjoys the presentation style. (Only either the Teacher book or Student book is necessary ... I'll go with the Teacher book for the next phase).

  3. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away. Looks like a great week.


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