Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Report for 10/24/2011-10/28/2011

We had a pretty good week. Circle Time three days, art with friends, accomplished history and science lessons.  Ended the week with "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" after lunch and before Quiet Time.  Our camera seems to have given up the ghost, but I did get a couple of pictures on my phone ... and I'm going to post them (exciting, I know).


N-boy: is down to the last few lessons in OPG! Hooray!

R-girl:  finished the section on blends and started long vowels! Hooray!  Her confidence is starting to take off and she's trying (and succeeding) at reading other things!

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is working on Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories.

N-boy: is fighting me on the Landing of the Pilgrims, he thinks it looks boring and won't read it.  [sigh]  Or so he thinks.  Maybe he'll read to Daddy tomorrow.


M-girl: missed only one on her most recent "test" and succeeds when she makes any effort at all.

N-boy: is doing very well working through 10+ a single digit.  He seems to intuitively understand place value and how it generally works (not that I'm not emphasizing it in my explanations ... he just gets it and tires of me repeating [grin])

R-girl: has completed all but one page of the K level of Math Mammoth 1A.  She's only a few days shy of finishing MEP Reception.  I'm really proud of her!


M-girl: none this week, I didn't get their independent work filled.

N-boy: none this week, I didn't get their independent work filled.


M-girl:  is memorizing prepositions.  She is able to identify different parts of speech pretty well.

N-boy: was able to identify nouns, pronouns, and action verbs in his lesson today.


M-girl: her writing has improved so much this year; now to get faster at it.


M-girl: still having a hard time with 'whose,' 'field,' and 'neighbor.'  But we'll keep practicing.


M-girl: I think she finished Lesson 18 today.


M-girl: we haven't been working on the sheets, but have been talking about joining letters (particularly o and b and w) and smoothing out some of the rough edges when she writes.  She prefers to write in cursive for spelling, grammar dictation, and writing.  I find this to be a good thing.

N-boy: need to get back on the ball.

R-girl:  is working on all of her numbers and writing them very well.

History:  we studied about the Ancient Greeks, caught up on map work, and read some of D'Aulaire's Greek Myths.

Science: we studied about the sense of sight and our eyes.  The easy activities in God's Design for Science: Human Body were a hit.

Art:  we worked on the color wheel and drawing "experiences" with our friends on Wednesday.   The younger half of our group mixed colors with water and food coloring.  If I were smart, we would have used that water on coffee filters, but I'm not that smart.

Read Alouds:  we started Mary Poppins and are enjoying it.  We didn't read any of The Bronze Bow and only read one or two stories from The House at Pooh Corner.  I'm totally slacking.

Bible: We've memorized Psalm 1.  We read about Judas' betrayal, the upper room, Jesus' death and resurrection in the Vos Story Bible this week.  It's good.


  1. I do love the pictures because your children are so adorable.

    It looks like you had a wonderful week. Psalm 1 is one of my favorites. I memorized it when I wasn't much older than your children and can still recite the whole thing (pretty good for 30-35 years later). :-p

  2. Wish we could join you for lessons!

  3. I love that Pumphrey book. I first read it the year my oldest was 7 and I still remember how furious I was that I'd learned next to nothing that was in that book. I'd never heard that the Seperatists lived in Holland so long before deciding to move to "the northern parts of Virginia."

    Those are really inspiring stories, perfect for this time of year.

  4. E was excited to see himself in the pic. :)


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