Friday, November 25, 2011

Yuletide Session 2011

This coming week begins our Yuletide Session 2011.  I'm always very excited for the start of a new season.  Last year I explained our rationale for Yuletide Session, how it fits in educational plan. A lot of what we did last year is what we're going to do this year, same poem, same carols, similar activities.  There are two, rather large, differences for this year's plan.

I've enjoyed using bits and pieces of Brandy's plan over the past couple of years and wanted to incorporate her manners studies this year, so I "borrowed" them. for our schedule this year (thanks Brandy! I've given you credit here and at Scribd).

I planned our Jesse Tree and Epiphany study to be generally seamless.  I'm going to need to make some new ornaments, but after Christmas, there are verses and ideas for symbols. 

Some of the "Events" are unfilled because I want to be able to play things, like the Zoo Lights, by ear based on weather or other situations.

Below is my planning file (it's layout is similar to Brandy's too).  Scribd took out some of my fonts, so mine is way prettier than this! Hope you enjoy anyway ....

Yuletide Session 2011

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  1. I love your manners study. I need to incorporate some of that -- I've got a child who has started being a really sore loser lately.


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