Monday, December 12, 2011

Last week ... was fun and crazy

We're having a lot of fun with this Yuletide Season, but not getting a lot of my plans accomplished.  I'm OK with this.  We're barely finding time to read A Christmas Carol, but we'll finish when we finish.

Monday, my parents took N-boy to Cambridge for their Victorian Christmas and light show.  He had a grand time.  The girls and I went shopping, to Marcella's for lunch, and painted their finger and toe nails.

Tuesday, we had a "slow" day.  That was pretty nice.  We did have choir practice and returned a gift that Target mis-sent.

Wednesday, we had big adventures in downtown Columbus:

First, the State Auto Nativity display, huge and impressive ...

Second, the train display in the main library:

Do you see the working waterfall below the castle?
Third, we took a free tour of the Ohio Statehouse and saw a choir perform some Christmas songs.

Then, we ended our day with a visit to CoSI.  What a great day!

Thursday, we started preparing for our Saturday party, cleaning and starting some of our baking.  We ran some errands, too.

Friday, was Jason and my Anniversary.  We took the kids to see "A Dickens of a Christmas" at the Ohio Village.  It was so fun!  We ended up hurrying through the end so we could get to dinner, but I was wishing we could have spent more time in some of the buildings and done more of the projects there.

M-girl and N-boy sharing a desk in the one-room schoolhouse ...

Saturday was the family Progressive Dinner and we had a great time with family!

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