Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Report for 2/20-2/24/2012

We had a busy week! Something every day, which for us is unusual.  On Monday, we enjoyed seeing Arrietty.  While it wasn't exactly the same as The Borrowers, I think it stayed quite true to the story and was lush and beautifully animated.  Tuesday, we had our friends from Mahers Hill Academy over to play and have dinner.  Wednesday, my niece was here for several hours while her mom had some meetings. The children were so excited to play with their cousin!  Thursday, we had our art group, but we met at another family's home.  That actually worked very well as they don't live far, and she was happy to take over thinking about food!  We had fun with our projects.  Today, my other sister in law brought over their dog, Luka, for us to dog-sit for a few days while they head for Florida.  That is certainly adding some excitement to our day!


R-girl: finished reading the long /i/ section in the book.  She is doing a nice job.  She does better when she stays confident, but frustrated when she gets confused.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is almost finished with Sarah, Plain and Tall.  She's enjoying it.

N-boy: is still working on Jesse Owens, and will be for a while.


M-girl: is working on the time section in MEP.  It's pretty easy for her as she has always been scary-good at calendar days and months and finished a workbook on telling time last year.

N-boy: finished the section on adding up to 15 today.

R-girl: is working on adding and subtracting to 2.  She knows this stuff pretty well already, but I love how MEP works it in different ways so you really understand what you're doing inside and out.


M-girl: completed several logic pages.  She's have a hard time with continuing patterns on a grid.  She had a hard time with drawing reflections in MEP last week, so this is something I really want to keep an eye on and help her with.

N-boy: is doing well with his Venn diagrams and continuing the pattern. 


M-girl: completed the lesson where you mark the parts of speech in a paragraph today.  I wrote the whole paragraph on the white board, then we wrote the "key" to show which type of word would be indicated by which letters.  She and I talked through the whole paragraph and marked each word with its word type.  She did a great job! The different kinds of verbs were a little tricky, but overall she did a great job!

N-boy: started FLL2 this week and we reviewed pronouns today. 


M-girl: is working on those pesky Mr. and Mrs. abbreviations.

N-boy: is working on proper names and writing them with capital letters.


M-girl:did compound words and review this week.

N-boy: is doing well with his long vowel spelling.


M-girl: finished lesson 23.  She started her first non declensions!

N-boy: we reviewed his previous lessons a little.


M-girl: is working on lower case letter review. 

N-boy: finished "h" and "k" and is working on loop letter review.

R-girl: is done with 5.

History: we read about the Nazca Lines and Olmec statues.  We watched a YouTube video and Netflix video on the Nazca lines.  On Netflix, we watched Solving History with Olly Steeds (and fast forwarded through the part where he drinks phychotic cactus juice!) and it was very good and informative. 

Science: we didn't do science this week.

Art:  we had fun doing two art projects with our friends:

Positive and Negative shapes ...
Drawing outlines of stuffed animals.
Read Alouds: we read some more from Little Britches.  The children have been listening to Narnia and The Tale of Despereaux. We also started Parables from Nature and Poetry for Young People: Shakespeare.  We're also reading a book on manners.

Bible: We continued our study on Solomon.  We read more from The Mighty Acts of God.  The children are memorizing Matthew 5:1-12 and are continuing with their catechism.  M-girl started the section on sacraments, I'm so excited at how close she is to finishing!


  1. A couple of years ago one of our fellow homeschoolers did a science fair project on the Nazca lines. Very interesting stuff!

  2. Have you decided what you are doing after Prima Latina?

    I say this often, but I just love R-girl's hair! It is so like our Lizzie's! There must have been something in the water when we both got pregnant. ;)

  3. We're going to Song School Latin and then Latin For Children -A. I hope we're making a wise choice.


  4. Well, for what it is worth- we're extrememly happy with the switch. Benjamin & Matthias just started Primer A; Patricia is in Primer B; everyone is doing Sing Song. Sing Song is my least favorite but the children love singing the songs. I use it during our Memory Time, so we do not do many of the workbook pages.


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