Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekly Report for February 27-March 2, 2012

We had an unusual week. Jason had Monday off and took the children geocaching and to lunch for several hours.  It was quiet here at home and I listened to some talks.  

Tuesday, we had a "regular" day of lessons, but that was the only one!

M-girl was sick on Wednesday, so I did a little table work with N-boy and R-girl.

Thursday would have been our regular day off and I wasn't feeling the top of my game, so we took it "off." We did finish watching about The Greeks and a Veggie Tales from Netflix.

Today is Dr. Seuss Day! Our day has been Seusstastic :)

We had "Green" Eggs and Ham for breakfast:

We watched some of the Cat in the Hat-ahon on PBS.
We listened to The Tooth Book (my sister has recorded most of the Dr.Seuss books and gave the CDs to the children ... they *love* them!) and put an egg in vinegar to talk about what acids do to our teeth.

We listened to Bartholomew and the Oobleck on our way to the store to purchase cornstarch to make oobleck.  We had a few other items to buy, so N-boy took care of the list and M-girl did a lot of math keeping track of how much we were spending.

Our lunch was even Seuss-y (some ideas from here):

The children enjoyed doing some of the projects from here.  We listened to Dr. Seuss stories and read books :)

Tonight's dessert ... blue jello with Swedish fish.


  1. Fun, and great pics! I didn't realize it was Dr. Suess's birthday until I looked at my reader and Pinterest this morning. We've had some sickness here, too. :(

  2. Green Eggs and Ham!! Fun!!!

  3. We've had something of an off week, too, though I'm coming to realize these are actually more normal than the "on" weeks! I failed to plan for Dr. Seuss's birthday. Maybe next year!

  4. Great week even though you weren't feeling your best. Can you tell me what films you watched on Netflix about Greece that were age apporiate. Love the Dr Suess food.

  5. We watched The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization. It is 3 parts. It wasn't very graphic but explained things pretty well, I think.

    Liam Neeson narrated, and I could listen to him reading the phone book.

    "Age appropriate"? My oldest likes history and was interested, the other two didn't care for it at all, which made watching kind of hard. Definitely preview for your family.


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