Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Report for March 19-23

We've had practically perfect weather this week.  The children have played in the yard before school, during school, and after school.  It's been both glorious and hard for the focus.  R-girl is starting to insist that she do some of the same things her brother and sister do like writing and grammar.  I had intended to add grammar at some point this year, but not writing.  I think I'm going to incorporate it by using the writing in FLL1 (the older edition) rather than WWE for her.


R-girl: finished her chart through Lesson 105 in Ordinary Parents Guide.  She's so excited to be reading so well!

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is slowly approaching Little House in the Big Woods.  She was very excited about getting a chance to read it, but hasn't made much headway ...

N-boy: is dragging through Jesse Owens.  I'm going to be more careful with the next selection for him.

R-girl: finished one Little Bear compilation and began a second one.  Frog and Toad are next!


M-girl: I have been stubborn and we have continued and should actually finish MEP Y1 next week.  I suspect she could have gone on to Y2 several weeks ago and not done these last lessons in Y1 and will face a lot of review in Y2, but I don't see this as a negative at this point.

N-boy: is working on adding up to 17.  He was stubborn this week and it took 3 days to do one lesson.  I'm OK with that, I'd like to slow him down a little bit.

R-girl: is working on adding up to 3s.  She did almost her whole lesson by herself today. 


M-girl: none this week, I didn't plan ahead so there was little assigned work this week.

N-boy: none this week, I didn't plan ahead so there was little assigned work this week.


M-girl: Finished FLL2!  We did more from Music of the Hemispheres too.  I think we're going to do Grammar-Land next before moving into FLL3.

N-boy: is working on reviewing types of sentences.  We also worked on writing dates and our address this week.

R-girl: learned the definition of a noun today. 


M-girl: did a couple of writing lessons this week.  I suspect she could move on to Y2, but I'm going to be stubborn about this too.

N-boy: is working on the Caddie Woodlawn lessons.

R-girl: did the very first lesson today.  She also wrote a letter for her friend Lizzie and her cousin.  I should maybe mail them sometime, especially since I still have Lizzie's family's Christmas presents ... [oops]


M-girl: is almost finished with Level D in Spelling Power

N-boy: had his first difficulties in Spelling this week ... where and there and were and their ... so confusing!


M-girl: Pretty sure none this week.

N-boy: Pretty sure none this week.


M-girl: [sigh]  She writes so nicely, she needs some more practice and letters. 

N-boy: learned lower case p and r.

R-girl: learned lower case a and c.

History:  We read and listened about the Romans.  We watched Romans: Engineering an Empire today.  It was good, but long.  There was some blood that I didn't expect, but M-girl, in particular, learned a lot about the Romans from it.

Science: We read some about the circulatory system and played with this guy and this Melissa & Doug two sided Anatomy puzzle.

Geography: We started reading about continents in A Child's Geography.  Thus, we did the GeoPuzzles for Europe and Asia.

Art:  We finished our pinch pots on Monday:

Read Alouds:  We finished Little Britches! It was wonderful. I read some Beatrix Potter to R-girl this week, she missed out on some of that beauty.  Tonight we'll start Dr. Doolittle.

Bible:  We continue to work on Matt 5:1-12 (the Beattitudes) and catechism.  It seems we did Bible from Covenantal Catechism earlier in the week, but I don't really remember.  In our evening reading, we've been learning about the division between Israel and Judah.  I think Starr Meade has handled this section quite well.


  1. I still remember the first time I read the Little Bear books as a child -- they're still my favorite early readers. Congratulations, R-girl! It's an exciting time of life. :-)

  2. Kate is reading LHitBW too :) With her class, but she came home the first few nights and read it in bed. Now I've just got to make her costume for her class hoe-down.

  3. Replies
    1. Grammar-Land is a public domain 1800s grammar program:



      And someone has made some worksheets to go with it:

      There are only 17 chapters, so I figure we can work on that for a month and it'll be fun :)


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