Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Report for March 26-30, 2012

We had a good week.  We did a lot of reading, finishing The Bronze Bow and House at Pooh Corner.  Loved them both.  We picked up a couple of new books.  We did a lot of reading, but not as much Circle Time.  Sometimes those tradeoffs are worth it to me.

Thursday, the children went to The Works in Newark with my parents.  A grand time, definitely education, was had by all! 


R-girl: is finishing off the double "o" sound.  The review is really good for her.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: read quite a bit of Little House on the Prairie, but didn't do many narrations ...

N-boy: read some more of Jesse Owens.

R-girl: is enjoying Little Bear and Friends and Frog and Toad.  And pretty much anything else she can get her hands on.


M-girl: FINISHED MEP  Year 1!!!! I'm so excited :)

N-boy: started working up to 18s today.

R-girl: finished up adding up to 3s.


M-girl: didn't work on any logic.

N-boy: Finished three logic pages.


M-girl: did two chapters of Grammar-Land with the worksheets this week.  I think she likes it ... at the very least she likes reading on the Kindle ;)

N-boy: is continuing to work on Verbs, this week learning FLL2's list of helping  verbs.

R-girl: is working on nouns, she started talking about common nouns today.


M-girl: is working on the All-of-a-Kind Family week and actually asked for the book.  Our library doesn't have it so [shhhh ...] I ordered it for her.

N-boy: is working on the Charlotte's Web week.  He's working so hard and concentrating to get better.

R-girl: we didn't work on writing this week.  She's going to do her writing in FLL1, and the beginning is oral.


M-girl: finished Level C this week! She only missed one on the final test - "prettier" and I think that was a careless mistake.

N-boy: redid that -air sound list.  He did a great job with it.


M-girl: didn't work on it.

N-boy: didn't work on it.


M-girl: finished the combination of o and another letter sheet.

N-boy: finished "s" and "t"  He seems ready to just work on penmanship and get it done.

R-girl: worked on "c" a little, I think.

History:  We listened to the chapter on Siddhartha/Buddha in the car.  We had some really good discussions about people and how the way we treat them is based upon their being created by God. 

Science: I can't say we did any science this week.  We hope to clear out the garden tomorrow.  The children did go to The Works ...

Geography: no formal Geography, either. 

Art: art, too.

Read Alouds: we finished a lot of reading and started a lot of other reading.  I already told you that we finished two read alouds.  We began Understood Betsy, continued with Dr. Doolittle, and are planning on beginning Detectives in Togas.

Bible: we worked on another verse in the Beatitudes, learned the third verse of Sing Choirs of New Jerusalem (which our pastor seems to always sing on Resurrection Sunday), and have continued reading in The Mighty Acts of God, discussing with Daddy.


  1. What is The Works?

    All-of-a-Kind Family is A's next Sonlight reader. :)

  2. The Works is a Children's Museum full of all sorts of manipulatives, fun science activities, and a glass-blowing area. It is big fun.


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