Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekly Report for March 5-9, 2012

We had our issues at the beginning of the week.  Things were not going well.  By the end of the week, the rough edges were smoothed out and our days went much easier.  Perfect, no? Better, yes.


R-girl: read three lessons in phonics working on long /o/.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: finished Sarah, Plain and Tall.  I need to come up with a new lit book to assign.

N-boy: is plugging through his book on Jesse Owens.  They've made it to Germany for the Olympics, but the Games haven't started yet.

R-girl: is reading Little Bear.  I love Little Bear :)


M-girl: did some MEP lessons and figured some problems from Zaccarro's Primary Challenge Math.  She loves this even though officially she shouldn't be able to do it yet ;)

N-boy: did four MEP lessons.  One of those was a test which he did pretty well on on, although he did make some silly mistakes.

R-girl: completed two and a half lessons.  She was done today, and I don't want her to go too quickly through it, anyway.


M-girl: worked through all her logic pages quickly.  She had some sequences doing addition beyond what we've studied, and only made one error :)

N-boy: completed several pages including finishing last week's work.


M-girl: did the FLL poetry review today.  I'm not going to do the next three days of dictation review, so she should complete FLL2 next week.  She also studied two pages in Music of the Hemispheres and learned about anapests and dactyls.

N-boy: completed three lessons, including the silly sentence making lesson where we made statements like "Dinosaurs were cuddly." and "Mommy is delicious."  He had fun with that and giggled a lot.


M-girl: finished her second composition, copied part of "Charge of the Light Brigade" and completed one lesson in Writing with Ease.

N-boy: completed four lessons in WWE.  Peter Rabbit, my favorites :)


M-girl: is doing the review lessons for Level D.

N-boy: completed two spelling lists in Level C.


M-girl: Watched her final lesson in Prima Latina! This has been a great start for her.  She'll finish it next week, then start Latin for Children A.

N-boy: Finished lesson 5.  We need to start working on his word lists.


M-girl: [argh]  On the upside, her handwriting is clear and neat.

N-boy: finished "i" and "j."

R-girl: finished 4s and 5s.

History: We did the map work for the Americas.  Tuesday we listened to Jim Weiss read about Romulus and Remus.  The children enjoyed the story and retold it to Daddy at dinnertime.

Science: We studied about dental care and practiced brushing and flossing.  Wednesday, we read about nutrition and talked about the food pyramid.

Geography:  we read about the ionosphere in A Child's Geography by Voskamp and talked about the Auroras.  We found some pictures on YouTube so we could see what it looks like.  M-girl and N-boy are both working through the Evan Moore K-2 Beginning Geography (they really like these pages).  M-girl finished three pages looking at major geographical features of several continents.  N-boy finished pages about the desert and prairie.  R-girl started one of those Target dollar spot geography workbooks where she works on copying the name of a country then does a little maze or word search or somesuch related to that country.  She mostly likes doing these and did four pages (two countries each).

Art:  We did art with friends on Thursday.  We talked about shape and figured out how to draw a picture around a shape.  We also did a project where we had to see, focus, and remember.  I took some of the cards from the Masterpiece Cards and had the children try to copy them from memory.  They did a great job!

Read Alouds:  We finished The Family Book of Manners.  We are getting closer to the end of Little Britches (love it!).  We read another chapter in Parables from Nature that has been good for using to discuss here and there.  Four more Aesop fables were read and four poems from Poetry For Young People Shakespeare. 

Bible:  We studied (at a very high level) about Ahab and Jezebel.  We are to Solomon building the Temple in our evening Bible story reading.

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  1. Daniel got the nickname "Little Bear" because we read those to him in the NICU.


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