Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Report March 12-16, 2012

We had a light week this week. It helped a lot that it was glorious weather here from Tuesday on.  We've had the windows open.  The children have gotten super muddy during hours of outside play.  We haven't done "normal" lessons this week; no Circle Time all week! No grammar, no MEP, no spelling, no Latin, but we've learned a lot!

N-boy was invited to the Air Force Museum in Dayton for our nephew's Fifth birthday.  The girls, my mom, and I accomplished some much needed clothing and shoe shopping. 

Tuesday turned into a light day with a long trip to the library (and many books read!) because we had to make a side trip to the Verizon store so I could check which replacement phone I wanted. (If I should have your phone number, please call or email me 'cause I lost 'em all!)

Wednesday we had a wonderful project day.  We studied about Elijah and Elisha in Bible.  We read some more about Rome and did some map work.  We learned about the need our bodies have for vitamins, minerals, and water.  We made pinch pots.

This was our "off week" Thursday for my Bible Study.  The children did some reading and socializing with friends ;)

Today we did some table work, but our "once in a while" kind of table work. 

M-girl and I worked through the "Challenge Level" of Chapter 2 in Primary Challenge Math.  It is a real challenge when your student doesn't know about multiplication yet, but we worked out other ways to solve the problems.  We also finished the Meter section of Music of the Hemispheres.  She has learned four poetic feet and differing "meters" from monometer to pentameter.  We practiced marking up a poem:

N-boy and I worked on addition and subtraction facts through two card war (we removed the face cards) ... the first game we added our two cards and the greatest won. (I won that game!)  The second game we subtracted the lesser number from the greater and the greatest won. (He won that game.)  We also worked on making silly sentences by adding adjectives and adverbs to them.

R-girl and I worked on greater than and less than through regular "war."  She won. (boo!)  She also read several BOB Books from the second box and some other Kindy readers my mom gave me.

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