Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Report for 4/9-4/13, 2012

We had a pretty good week.  The groove is such a good place to be I almost wish we didn't have next week off -- but I'm still looking forward to a week with Daddy and the Homeschool Conference.


R-girl:  read several lessons. Tonight she was reading questions from our booklet on the Catechism for Young Children ... slow, but reading it.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: read from Little House on the Prairie.  She's enjoying it very much.  We put The Penderwicks in her Easter basket, and it was unassigned, but she read it whilst carrying it everywhere she went.  Loved it.

N-boy:  started The Cricket in Times Square.  He didn't want to read it at first, but is loving it now ... asked me today if he could read another chapter :)

R-girl: is doing a bit better with Frog and Toad.  She's enjoying it very much.


M-girl:  this review section in MEP is not very exciting, but she needed some review with math facts, so that was helpful.  We finished talking through Chapter 2 in Primary Challenge Math.  She can't do all the math, but she loves it.

N-boy: was introduced to how many 1s, 2s, 4,s, 5s, or 10s are there in 20 today.  He loved it.

R-girl: is adding up to 5s and thinks it is sooo easy :)


M-girl:  completed several pages in her logic book.

N-boy: also completed several pages, he's very good at the spatial logic.

M-girl: answered three logic questions from Mindbenders Warm-Up.


M-girl: is loving Grammar-Land.  She did a couple of chapters.  She learned about similes today in Music of the Hemispheres.  She wrote about them in her notebook.

N-boy: learned about adjectives today. 

R-girl: is working on nouns.  Surprising, right?  She is working on proper nouns and today worked on her name as a proper noun.


M-girl:  is still asking for two lessons a day.  I think she's decided she likes writing pretty well.  We did Sir Gawain and the Green Knight today. 

N-boy:  is working more slowly, today working on copywork from The Trumpet of the Swan.

R-girl: copied her full name.


M-girl: is finding level D easy so far.  I'm sure it will get more difficult.

N-boy:  is doing well, he did the two Delayed Recall Tests and only missed two words.

Latin:   We added two songs from Song School Latin to our Circle Time.  R-girl is walking around singing them :)

M-girl:  read the introduction to Latin for Children Primer A.  I think she's excited to get started.

N-boy:  watched the video for Lesson 6, we need to work on the workbook pages for it.


M-girl: is working on combinations with a.

N-boy: finished the page on lowercase "n."

R-girl:  is working on lower case "g."

History:  We read the chapters related to the Chin Dynasty and Confucius this week.  I'm ready to go back to Rome!

Science: We read about the Circulatory and Respiratory systems this week.  We hung hearts and lungs on our "My Body" posters and "made" blood (from candy). 

Geography:  We read about Africa and North and South America.  The children did the Africa puzzle today.  Australia and Antarctica are the remaining continents to read about.

Art:  We made clay animal sculptures.  R-girl and N-boy made giraffes, M-girl made a cat, and I made a dog.  Maybe we'll paint them while we're off this week.

Read Alouds:  We read several chapters from Dr. Doolittle.  He's healed the monkeys and is headed back home ... but has been arrested.  We read a couple chapters from Detectives in Togas, which the children are excited about ... they have all sorts of theories at this point.  We also read several chapters from Understood Betsy and I am loving it ... I think the children like it too :)

Bible:  We read a bit about Athalia, we need to finish up that chapter, though.  We continue to work on Matthew 5:1-12.  We started learning Like a River Glorious.  I realized this evening that M-girl is almost done with the Catechism for Young Children! I'd better get to work on thinking about how we're going to work on the Shorter Catechism.

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  1. Detectives in Togas was a favorite too!

    I'm not telling Matthias M-girl started Latin- he wants to start but I'm making him wait timm fall.


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