Saturday, April 07, 2012

Weekly Report for April 2-6, 2012

We had a pretty good week.  M-girl started off sick on Monday, so we had a slow day of read alouds and Lego.  We got through individual lessons the rest of the week.


R-girl: read 4 or 5 phonics lessons.  Her reading is going well ... when she is confident.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl:  read several chapters from Little House on the Prairie.  She caught up on her narrations for the book, too.

N-boy: finished Jesse Owens - woo-hoo! I think we're going to try for Cricket in Times Square next. 

R-girl: is working through Frog and Toad.  She handled Little Bear with no problems, but Frog and Toad seems hard for her.  I'm worried about moving forward to Amelia Bedelia, which is next in our progression.  I may have to look at the library for something Frog and Toadish.


M-girl: started Year 2 this week.  We did a bunch of lessons because this part is all review.  It's pretty easy so far.

N-boy: is working on adding up to 19s.  He's having fun with it.

R-girl: is adding up to 4s.  We pulled down the balance today to work on some inequality questions. 


M-girl: did a couple of pages here.

N-boy: did 4 logic pages. 


M-girl: is working through Grammar-Land.  She did lessons III and IV this week.  I think she likes it pretty well.  We also completed the Stanza chapter in Music of the Hemispheres.

N-boy:  did four lessons this week.  Today he worked on the second day of contractions.

R-girl: is working on common and proper nouns for people.  I'm not sure how much she understands, but she's doing pretty well with our discussions.  We did some hand motions for "person, place, thing, and idea" and she's totally adorable when she does them. She also did her first narration:


M-girl: decided it was worth it to her to do two lessons per day of WWE 1.  That's going quite well.

N-boy: is working on the Davy Crockett lessons.  We played the Davy Crockett song on YouTube ... that was a hit :)

R-girl: did a little bit of copywork in her Grammar lessons this week.

M-girl: did two spelling lessons and is working in Level D.

N-boy:  did two spelling lessons ... and wrote both in cursive.  He likes to write on the whiteboard easel.


M-girl: finished Prima Latina! Hoorah!  We'll start Latin For Children - Primer A next week.

N-boy: finished the review week after 5 lessons in Prima Latina..


M-girl: is still working on lower case combinations and review letters.

N-boy:  is learning lower case "n."

R-girl: is learning lower case "d."

History:  We listened to another chapter of SOTW about Ancient India, Siddhartha, and the Jakata Tales.  We're going to try to do some catch up next week on pictures and maps.

Science: we didn't work on Science.

Geography: The kids all have a Geography workbook at their level that they work on.  M-girl should finish hers next week, so I ordered a new one.  N-boy is steadily working through Land Forms in his.  R-girl had one of those Target Dollar Spot workbooks and finished it this week.  I need to find something new for her that isn't what N-boy is doing because I like to start that in 1st grade.

Art: We worked on recognizing shapes and doing single, primary color pictures with our art group.

Read Alouds:  We started Detectives in Togas and Understood Betsy.  We continued with Dr. Doolittle.  We're enjoying them all.

Bible:  We read some from The Mighty Acts of God.  We finished learning "Sing Choirs of New Jerusalem" which seems to be our pastor's favorite Resurrection Sunday hymn (not all memorized, but they'll know how to sing it this Lord's Day).

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  1. Understood Betsy is one of my favorite books. I'm sure you will enjoy it!


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