Sunday, May 06, 2012

Weekly Report for April 30-May 4, 2012

First, can I please say that I'm astounded that it is May?! How these months have flown!  We had a good week and accomplished a lot.  We finally finished studying Anatomy  in the God's Design for Science Human Body book.  It is good to have that accomplished.  We've been very busy with soccer and baseball and go-go-go.  Fun.


R-girl: read several lessons this week.  She's moving along at a good clip now, reading independently pretty well.  We'll keep working through OPG, though, because I love how solid it is. She's in that "read everything" phase.  I love it :)

Assigned Reading:

M-girl:  is reading Little House on the Prairie and enjoying it very much.  She read about Christmas with Mr. Edwards this week and thought that was exciting.  I think we'll continue with the series.  She's also, on her own, reading Caddie Woodlawn and enjoying it.

N-boy: is absolutely loving Cricket in Times Square; begging to move ahead.  I don't know what I'll have him read next.  Any suggestions?

R-girl: finished Amelia Bedelia.  I assigned two of the "Let's Read and Find Out" science books to finish out the week.  We really need to go to the library so I can get the Lighthouse Family book for her next assigned reading.


M-girl: is continuing to go at a nice rate through the MEP Y2 lessons.  We're working on different measures: weight, length, mass, volume.  It is nice to work on this relatively easy section.

N-boy:  is finished with adding up to 20 in MEP Y1! He took his test on Friday and only missed one, but corrected it himself.  I do like the end section of MEP Y1, and I want to keep he and his sister a little separated, so we'll finish it.  Besides, there's some fun stuff!

R-girl: is moving with confidence through the beginning of MEP Y1.  It works so thoroughly on the adding and inequalities up to 5 so far.  She's doing very well with this.


M-girl: worked on some logic pages this week, but I wish she'd put more effort into them.

N-boy: also did some of his logic pages.  He was wanting to read instead, though.


M-girl: is continuing, slowly, with Grammar-Land.  She's a little more than half-way done.  She likes the stories better than the pages, but is doing very well with the worksheets.

N-boy:  finished his study of contractions in FLL2 and is back to adjectives.  He's working on The Year by Sara Coleridge.

R-girl: started memorizing Work by AD Stoaddart.  She's starting to learn about nouns that name places.


M-girl: is on the final week of WWE 1! She copied the poem beautifully.

N-boy:  worked on Old Mother Hubbard.

R-girl: copied the title and author of "Work" which she is learning in Grammar.


M-girl: completed two spelling lessons and only missed "elephant."

N-boy: completed two spelling lessons.  He missed a couple of words, but I don't recall them at the moment.


M-girl: completed the first lesson in Latin For Children Primer A.  I need to find out about making flash cards in their system because I'd like to have her do those.

N-boy: completed Lesson 7 in Prima Latina.


M-girl: started capital letters.

N-boy: learned lower case y and is working on practicing it.

R-girl: is learning lower case o.

History: we read about the Caesars this week.  The children enjoyed the stories about Julius and Augustus as Susan Wise Bauer wrote them for the Story of the World.

Science:  we finished The Human Body! We finished by reading about the Integumentary and Immune systems and a little bit about DNA.  We finished adding to our body posters from the My Body book.

Geography: We finished reading Chapter 4 and discussed the hemispheres, equator, and poles.  We're enjoying learning geography with this book.

Art:  We made (great big) clay coins with our silhouettes on them just like Julius Caesar had done. We also did art with our friends and talked about Florentine artists, guilds, and did water colors of our neighborhood.

Read Alouds: We finished Doctor Dolittle this week and started (a very abridged) Robin Hood. 

Bible: we continued working on memorizing the Beatitudes and catechism.  We finished learning Like a River Glorious.  We're only 1 week behind in our hymn plan!

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