Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Report for May 7-11, 2012

We enjoyed a "light" week with a Monday out and about, Thursday off for Bible study, and field day at my mom's school today.  We got plenty done, but it felt (school-wise) a little more laid-back (sports-wise, that wasn't the case!) 


R-girl: read a couple of lessons from OPG.  I noted, today, that she was happily reading Richard Scarry books to herself while the other kids were doing school work :)

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: caught up on some of her history and science reading.

N-boy: caught up on some history and science reading.  He also finished the CLP K Nature Reader.  I'm debating on putting him in McGuffey Second Reader and CLP 1 Nature Reader.  I'm certain he'll have no problems reading either one.

R-girl: thinks The Storm is too hard.  In need to find something in-between it and Amelia Bedelia at the library next week.


M-girl: completed three MEP lessons and one Primary Challenge Math lesson.  She likes these, and considering she doesn't know multiplication or division, she does a great job with it.  We were working on money today, making change, which is a better buy (5 for $0.80 or 4 for $0.60 ... how would *you* do that with a kid who doesn't divide?!), dealing with decimals for adding and subtracting money.  I was really pleased with her ability to talk through the problems and solve them with some help.

N-boy: completed three MEP lessons.  He is working on measurement right now, something different and challenging.

R-girl: completed two MEP lessons.  She began adding up to 6.


M-girl: finished her packet of logic pages.  She still has issues dealing with patterns and copying them, but is doing better with them.

N-boy: also finished his pages.  He continues to enjoy and understand Venn diagrams.


M-girl: was introduced to Nominatives in Grammar-Land this week.  It was a tricky lesson.  We're doing this more slowly than I expected, but I'm not worried about it.  She is enjoying it.

N-boy:  learned about  conjunctions today.  We'll need to pull out Grammar Rock again sometime soon.

R-girl: is learning about place nouns.


M-girl: finished Writing With Ease 1!!  Yay!!

N-boy: had two Dictation exercises in Grammar this week.  He was not a fan ;)  He continued working on his other WWE work.

R-girl: did some copywork this week, but I don't remember what she copied!


M-girl:  completed one spelling lesson.  She missed three words, which is unusual, but some of them were tricky (-ie or -ei words)

N-boy: completed one spelling lesson.  He didn't miss any words.


M-girl: I don't think she did any Latin this week.  We should have practiced some, though.

N-boy:  finished Lesson 7.


M-girl:  is working on learning A and C.

N-boy: finished y and started learning z.

R-girl: is working on q.

History:  We listened to Jim Weiss about the birth and death of Christ.  N-boy started to quote Luke 2 ...

Science: We took the week off.  I think we're going to study Animals instead of Astronomy.  Any good resources? 

We also did some Nature Journaling on Monday while we were out and about.

Geography: didn't do any.

Art: the kids painted birthday cards for my mom this week.

Read Alouds:  We finished Understood Betsy.  We read a little from Robin Hood.

Bible: We learned about Athalia and Joash and reviewed memory work and the books of the Bible.  We started learning "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven" and are close to having Matt 5:1-12 memorized. 

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  1. My biggest piece of advice about animals for science is to read first & then go see what you're studying, taking your journals to draw! We did this for our sea animal study (we would go to Geogia Aquarium) and it was awesome! Visit aquariums, zoos, farms, friends, parks.

    We've used AiG and Apologia.... The later was a bit tricky for my young ones to follow along. Get lots of real books from the library!


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