Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Report for August 27-31, 2012

We had a pretty good week, accomplishing lessons all five days.  My disclaimer here is that I have young elementary children who, shockingly enough, are not perfect.  And I'm not perfect either.  I also don't plan on telling you all about our imperfections.  So, if you are new to homeschooling and thinking that your week was hard and I seem to have it all together - HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Some of our days are extremely difficult and some of them are significantly easier.  But overall, despite any difficulties, we had a good week. And we love homeschooling.


R-girl: is still working on r-controlled vowels.  She was working on -ir, -er, -ur today.  She did three lessons and they were a breeze.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: read some more of On the Banks of Plum Creek.  Pa brought home fabric today and played his fiddle.  She's writing her own narrations for this, so I'm not really sure what chapter she's on.

N-boy: read through chapter 8 of Farmer Boy, "Sunday."  He doesn't want to admit that he likes it.

R-girl: read another 3 chapters in Little House in the Big Woods.  She has read through "Christmas" I believe.


M-girl: is working on adding up to the next 10, so problems include 54+ ____ = 60.

N-boy: is still reviewing Year 1 work.  Although he did work some on dividing by two today.  I love how MEP introduces these concepts early.

R-girl: did the review lesson for adding up to 9s. 


M-girl: completed three pages dealing with pattern and logic.

R-girl: completed pages from Lollipop Logic where she had to determine which of 4 items went with 4 people based on three statements. The first two pages were a mess, but by the third she had figured out how to figure them out :)


M-girl: finished the section introducing diagramming adverbs.

N-boy: is memorizing prepositions "aboard, about, above, across ..."

R-girl: worked on calendar names and did copywork of her full name and is finishing up nouns, I think.  Bring on the pronouns.


M-girl: I gave her a break this week.  We counted writing in Grammar from First Language Lessons 3 and Memoria Press' Poetry (so far, two poems in, MP Poetry is great!).  She studied "The Happy Farmer" in poetry.

N-boy: completed lessons including copywork and narration. 


M-girl: I retested her to reevaluate her level and she's skipping forward half a level to E.

N-boy: I retested him too, and it looks like his level was just about right, but we'll be paying close attention because I don't want to frustrate him.


M-girl: watched Lesson 4 and continued reviewing her flash cards.

N-boy: watched Lesson 10 and continued reviewing flash cards.


M-girl: started some new capital letter.

N-boy: worked on U and R.

R-girl: is still working on e and l

History: we read about China this week.  We also listened to Jim Weiss about Thomas Jefferson. 

Science: we read about telling time by the sun and it was fascinating.  The whole section on sundials was pretty fun, too.  We also read about the differences of Astronomy vs. Astrology. 

Geography: we read about climate, weather, and the water cycle. 

Art: Monday, we made "tapestries" by drawing on fabric.  Yesterday, during our "Art with Friend" time, we made our own scratch art paper and then pictures.

Read Alouds: we've been reading more of Archimedes and the Door of Science.  We listened to Jim Weiss about Archimedes recently and the book is nice for filling in some detail.  We read Hamlet from Packer's Tales from Shakespeare, finishing it today.  Tragedies are going to be difficult to get through without tears, I think.  We read a little bit of Pinnocchio. 

Bible: We decided to memorize Philippians 2:1-18 next.  We studied Lesson 1 in Covenantal Catechism - How can we know to trust the Bible?  We continued working on creeds, hymns, and catechisms.  We read some from The Mighty Acts of God with Daddy.

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