Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Report for - oh, June, July, and August so far ...

Um, so, I haven't posted a Weekly Report since May.  We have done lessons during that period as well as summery things like vacation, VBS, the Ohio State Fair, and all th rest.  I figure we've done 2-3 days of school a week in the last 8 weeks.  And we've accomplished a lot.


R-girl: is reading.  I mean, really reading.  She took a Nancy Drew book with her to quiet time today.  She's still doing phonics lessons, and has not yet made it to multi-syllable words in our program, but I am just thrilled.  She's around lesson 151 in OPG.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: is currently reading On the Banks of Plum Creek.  She's enjoying it, but would like to read something else for her next assigned book.  I should look into that.

N-boy: is currently reading Homer Price.  He seems to be enjoying it if the laughter I hear is any indication.  He also read Encyclopedia Brown and adored it.  Before that, he finished A Cricket in Times Square.

R-girl: finished Cyntha Rylant's The Storm today.  She really liked it.  I should choose a new book. I think it will be The Littles.


M-girl: finished MEP Y1 and has begun on Y2 which I'm enjoying maybe more than I do Y1.  She's 37 lessons in.

N-boy: finished MEP Y1 this week! We worked through the first chapter of  Ed Zaccarro's Primary Challenge Math.  It hasn't challenged him very much yet.  We'll start MEP Y2 next week.

R-girl: is finishing adding up to 8s in MEP Y1.  She still loves math :)


M-girl:  started diagramming sentences! Hooray! She worked on diagramming articles today and is focusing on adjectives right now.  I love FLL3! She doesn't like all the writing :)

N-boy:  learned about articles yesterday.  He is moving very smoothly through FLL2. 

R-girl: is still in nouns.  She's doing very well with nouns.  She's so ready for something else.  We'll still have nouns for a while :)  Perseverance is good for us.


M-girl: is doing very well with her lessons.  We finished the lessons on Misty of Chincoteague today.  She read the book a year or so ago, so she liked that.

N-boy: is also doing well with his copywork and narration.  We're working on the Pooh Bear week right now.  Who doesn't love Pooh Bear?


M-girl: is spelling very well.  It is unusual for her to miss anything in her lesson, and is spelling, with relative ease, much more difficult words in her McGuffey lessons.  Perhaps we should reevaluate her placement?  Is it possible to advance more quickly than Spelling Power thinks you should?  I wouldn't be surprised.

N-boy:  finished a section with contractions and names of months today.


M-girl: this week we worked on making flash cards.  I wanted to use Karen Moore's system (found on page 6 of this document) for our cards, so M-girl and I worked on that.  I also mostly wanted *her* to make her *own* cards.  So that took some time.  But now she's ready to move on to Ch 3 in LFCA.

N-boy:  we pulled out his flash cards.  He definitely needed some review.  We'll keep working, he's ready for Lesson 8 (or 9?)


M-girl: is well into her capital letters.  She learned "Q" today.

N-boy: has started his capital letters.  Today he learned "H."

R-girl: is learning "e."

History: we finished Story of the World I and read the chapter on the beginning of Islam this week.

Science: we started studying Astronomy.  We're ready to start studying stars.

Geography: We're reading about the sun in Geography ... lines up well with our study of stars in Science, eh? We've read about continents and oceans in the last couple of months.

Art: we've done some fun art - mosaics, brown paper puppets, and mixed media pictures with watercolors and "gold leaf" aka yellow construction paper.

Read Alouds:  Baseball and soccer slowed us way, way down on our read alouds.  We're still working on Detectives in Togas.  We finished Poetry for Young People's Shakespeare. 

Bible:  We're close to being done memorizing Matt 5:1-12, the order sometimes trips us up.  We talked about the prophets and fall of Judah.  Almost done with Covenantal Catechism Year 1. 


  1. Sounds like a busy few months!

  2. i loved "homer price" and the sequel as well as the encyclopedia brown books!

  3. My boys loved "Homer Price!" :)

    I sometimes wonder if certain children even need spelling as a formal curr...


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