Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Report for September 10-14, 2012

Well, after two good weeks, this week was bound to be difficult.  It was.  We had Monday off to visit my sister, which was great.  Since Monday, however, I can't say things ran particularly smoothly for any of us.  We ended up taking part of Thursday off too, accomplishing only Circle Time and Art with friends for school, but ran some errands that were necessary.


R-girl: is doing very well with multi-syllable words. She worked on words with -ing endings today.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: caught up on narrations, but is behind on reading.  Need to work on her motivation.

N-boy: is zooming through Farmer Boy.  He was very excited to read about cannons today.

R-girl: is coming close to the end of Little House in the Big Woods.  She read about the Ingalls family's trip to town today.  Another favorite chapter of mine.


M-girl: has decided to work faster in math.  We only did lessons on three days, but she did five math lessons and could have done six.

N-boy: is steadily working on one lesson a day.  He has worked on measurements some this week and reviewing additions up to 20.

R-girl: is also happily doing one lesson a day.  She is working on adding up to 10s and finds it easy and fun.


M-girl:  worked on several pages of logic this week. 

N-boy: was challenged with patterns in his logic work this week, but worked hard and figured them out.

R-girl: also worked on patterns this week, but was not challenged by the pages from Lollipop Logic at all.  She liked them, but they weren't difficult.


M-girl: worked on Direct Objects and diagramming them along with modifiers.  She finished up The Happy Farmer poem in Memoria Press' Grammar Stage Poetry program today.

N-boy: has completed the lessons on Prepositions.  We just need to keep reviewing the list.

R-girl: started pronouns this week! Yay!  She worked on "I, me, my, mine, You, your, yours"  I'm so glad I don't have to go through the noun section of First Language Lessons One again.  Don't get me wrong, it's valuable, I appreciate it, but it can be so slow and seemingly tedious.  Solid, though. 


M-girl: finished the lessons from The Jungle Book.   

N-boy: finished the Tom Sawyer lessons.  I am not a Twain fan, so I'm always glad to be done with that section.


M-girl: worked on short /o/words.

N-boy: worked on short /i/ words.


M-girl: made a flash card.  This falls through the cracks so easily.

N-boy: reviewed flash cards.  I think he's ready for the next lesson.


M-girl: is mostly looking at the model for any letters she needs. I don't make her do much penmanship review pages.

N-boy: is working on X.

R-girl: is learning b.  Those are tricky.

Art: we made frescos.  Our friends made spackled cardboard for all the kids in our Art with Friends group, then the children all watercolored a picture.  It worked beautifully!

Read Alouds: we read a little Pinocchio. We read Tina Packer's Much Ado about Nothing during Circle Time. 

Bible: Just the things we planned from Circle Time.

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  1. Wow, it sounds like you got lots done! I find the weeks go in and out, some work like clockwork (well, almost like clockwork) and others don't but looking back a lot still got accomplished.


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