Monday, October 01, 2012

Circle Time Monday for October 1, 2012

Circle Time for the week of October 1, 2012 :

Bible: continuing Philippians 2:1-4 adding verse 5.  Verses 5-11 are really why I chose this selection to memorize: "Let your attitude be the same as that of Christ Jesus ... "  Excited to get started with it!

Catechism: Same as last week: M-girl is going to be reciting 4 pages of our catechism book a day.  N-boy is continuing with the first three petitions of the Lord's Prayer.  Those are tricky, there aren't really any hints.  R-girl is still working on the First and Second Commandments.  
Hymn: For All the Saints verse 2. 

Poetry: R-girl will be doing her poem #20, "The morns are meeker than they were,"  M-girl and N-boy started "God and the Soldier" last week and will work on it this week too.  Next week is the Jaberwock, my friend :)
Latin: from Song School Latin, we're learning the animal song after finishing the pets song.  
Other Memory Work: We're working on learning the planets for space. Continue skip counting by 8s.  I'm still not at all ready for Middle Ages memory work. I should get on that.

Reading: We finished Dragons, Dragons. The children have decided on Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe.  Hope it isn't too creepy.  I'm continuing to enjoy The Heavens: Intimate Moments with your Majestic God for devotional reading. Tina Packer's Shakespeare this week: Macbeth!

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