Saturday, October 06, 2012

Weekly Report for October 1-5, 2012

We had a reasonable week of school.  Not terrible, but not great either.  Some family issues took some extra time out of our school days.  I think it's under control now.  Lord willing.  Anyway, we still did 4 days of school and got a reasonable amount done.


R-girl: worked on contractions and words ending with -y, -ey, and -ie this week.  She's doing great! Less than 30 lessons to go!

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: only read one chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek.  She is so dawdly and easily distracted. This will totally be a focus through the end of this year and starting in January.

N-boy: read several chapters of Farmer Boy. 

R-girl: is reading Cricket in Times Square.  She says she doesn't like it, but I think that's a learned behavior from her brother (who totally liked it, but argues about every assigned book [frown])


M-girl: is trudging through subtraction and measurement.

N-boy: did some basic multiplication this week.  Fun!

R-girl: was working on spatial skills.  Rocked the house.


M-girl: did quite a lot of logic pages this week. She likes these and doesn't balk at them.

N-boy: also did a lot of these.  Quick and fun.

R-girl:I started her on the CTA book and she's doing well with it so far. 


M-girl: had a lot of review this week on predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives.  We talked about types of sentences, too. 

N-boy: is in the final review lessons of FLL2.  I love it.  So thorough.

R-girl: is working on Action Verbs.  That's fun. She likes acting them out, which is funny.


M-girl: I'm considering skipping some chapters in WWE2.  She has no trouble here in Week 10.  I should go through the book, I'd love to start WWE3 with her in January.

N-boy: Is doing very well with WWE1.  I can see real improvement this year.


M-girl: didn't have any review words this week.  She's powering through Level E with few problems.

N-boy: had two review words this week, which after reviewing were easy.  He has one new word as of yesterday.


M-girl: back on Tuesday!

N-boy: back on Tuesday!


M-girl: worked on D and O.

N-boy: finished Y and Z, will work on what's next ...

R-girl: is working on b.  Those are hard.

History: we're back to Europe! We listened about Clovis, Clothilda, Charles Martel, and Charlemagne read by Jim Weiss in the car.  The kids told Daddy all about it. 

Science: we read about Meteoroids and then dropped salt, a marble, and a golf ball into a pan of flour to see what effect they would have on the ground.  That was fun :)  We also read a little about constellations like Ursa Major, Ursa minor and Cassiopeia.  We learned about asterisms like the Big Dipper.  I'm enjoying Signs & Seasons.

Geography:  We read about the inside of the earth and what scientists think is there.  We pulled out the playdough and made our own earths with layers.  I have some pictures around here somewhere ... 

Fine Arts: playdough and lots of drawing ... We did have piano lessons and choir.

Read Alouds: we didn't really read any between soccer and being out of groceries and colds and ... we didn't read a single evening.

Bible: we worked on verse 2 of For All the Saints.  We added verse 5 of Phil 2. Continued working on catechism questions. 


  1. Your Meteoroids science project sounds like fun! I know a few around here who would enjoy that!

  2. i've now got "for all the saints" stuck in my head.

  3. @northwood - it's in the God's Design Science space book. I don't love the curriculum - kinda dull - but it has easy to implement science experiences.

    @jen - You're welcome.

  4. Sounds like you did get a lot done in just four days. We are also working on focus when reading. I've found my dd is more focused when reading right in front of me! Enjoyed reading about your week.

  5. Sounds like a FULL week. 2nd the fun science- how 'bout we come to your house for science? ; )


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