Monday, January 07, 2013

Academic Year 2012 in Review (M-girl)

M-girl had another great year! She, again, improved in every skill area.  

M-girl does lovely work.  It's complete and can be neat.  It can also be doodled upon.  It is an effort, though, and speed is not her strength.  When challenged, she tends to slow down and daydream instead of focus. 

  • We had a little bit of FLL2 to complete, which she did in February.  She likes Grammar and is able to do it quickly.  She read Grammar-Land and did the worksheets that go with it.  She is half-way through FLL3 and doing quite well with it.
  • She finished Writing With Ease 1 and is part-way through Writing With Ease 2.  We are beginning to accelerate this some, completing two weeks of work in one and moving skills up.  She's ready to talk through her sentence and write it on her own.
  • She reads from McGuffey's Third Reader twice a week.  We've done some work looking up vocabulary in the dictionary and comprehension questions from the reader.  She read a number of books, assigned and not, this year.
  • Spelling Power continues to be a good choice for her.  She's into Level E and rarely misses.
  • M-girl's penmanship is beautiful, but time consuming.  Now that she writes almost always in cursive, we need to work on fluency and speed.
She's working through MEP Year 2, and we're enjoying it.  We are going to try to do some over break to get her a little more ahead because I think she could be quite a bit further.  Her understanding of place value and addition and subtraction as taught by MEP is very good.  This is one area she can really work on speed, though.  She understands the concepts, but if she doesn't know it right away ...

She finished Prima Latina.  We've stalled a bit in Latin for Children. I'd like to make this more of a focus in 2013.
She completed the Critical Thinking Activities book this year and started on Mindbenders.
Geography: She finished the Evan-Moore geography early in the year.  I wish there were something like it that I liked following.  She did a couple of dollar geography books about Countries of the World and the US. 

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