Monday, January 07, 2013

Academic Year 2012 in Review (N-boy)

N-boy also had another great year! He, again, improved in every skill area.  

N-boy's work is excellent once he gets started.  He understands things quickly and easily if he puts in the effort.  The trick is getting him to engage.  We're both going to be working on that in 2013.

  • He completed First Language Lessons 2 in 2013.  He is very good at the memory work and learning the list of prepositions was a breeze for him.  We didn't much work on the composition lessons at the end of the book.
  • He has worked steadily through Writing with Ease 1.  His ability to come up with good sentences and copy neatly have greatly improved. 
  • N-boy has been reading from the CLP Nature Reader 1 and McGuffey's Reader.  This is easy for him to accomplish.
  • Spelling Power continues to be a good choice for him. He's into Level C and rarely misses.
  • N-boy's cursive has improved over the course of the year and I expect the same for 2013.
He's working through MEP Year 2, and enjoying it. He doesn't have any trouble with the concepts or logic of math, sometimes his math facts trip him up, though.


N-boy made it through about half of Prima Latina.  We just weren't very consistent with Latin during the second half of the year.  He enjoys it, and picked up some during Circle Time with Song School Latin.  I have a spot in the schedule for 2013 to focus on Latin.

He completed the Critical Thinking Activities book this year and is ready to get started on Mindbenders.


He finished the Evan-Moore geography this year.  I wish there were something like it that I liked following.  He did a couple of dollar geography books about Countries of the World and the US.

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