Monday, January 07, 2013

Academic Year 2012 in Review

I am very happy with what we accomplished in 2012.

Oh, I wish we had accomplished more History and Science.  I wish we had finished the last 2 chapters in Ann Voskamp's A Child's Geography. 

We finished Story of the World I.  We finished our study of the Human Body.  We memorized Hymns, Bible, Catechism, and Latin songs.  We read a number of books.  The children participated in piano lessons and choir.  We regularly got together with friends to do art together.  The children played soccer and t-ball/baseball. 

We were able to travel as a family and see an Aquarium and museum.  We wandered through Savannah. 

Jason and the children did a lot of geocaching.

Overall, 2012 was a year of blessing and learning.  Here's to 2013.

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