Monday, January 14, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook for January 14, 2013


Outside my window... it's a glowing grey and we've had some rain. It cooled off significantly, I think.

I am thinking...
two children are on the upswing, but one isn't getting better very quickly.

I am thankful...
that I can stay home and take care of them today just like every other day.

In the kitchen...
I've been making a lot of toast.

I am wearing...

I am creating... a book review.  Soon.

I am going... nowhere.

I am wondering... why Larry Boy and the Rumor weed is so scary for my big children.

I am reading... My friend Mystie's new ebook: Paperless Home Organization - $1.99 today and $2.99 for the rest of January.

I am hoping... Jason and I don't get what the kiddos have.

I am looking forward to... seeing N-boy's second indoor soccer game since I missed the first.  I hear he had a great first game: an assist and a should-have-been goal.

I am learning... about incunable, European printed works made prior to 1501.

Around the house... there is plenty to do ... but today I'm caring for sick kiddos.

I am pondering... the comparison between Jesus and Barabbas.  Pastor's sermon yesterday was excellent: Jesus our Substitute.

A favorite quote for today... "He's too much a man of moods.  Irascible one minute, fawning on his students the next.  The former irritates.  The latter breeds contempt.  He's a seeker after attention too.  You know the sort, I'm sure, and when he doesn't get it, others have been made to bear the brunt."  from Pursuit and Persuasion by Sally S Wright.  Sometimes a great quote reminds us what *not* to be.

One of my favorite things... These Sally Wright books are great.  I might love Ben Reese more than Lord Peter.  Reese is more ruggedly American.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
hopefully healing, school, piano, and soccer.

A peek into my picture today.

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  1. So paperless organization huh... HMMMM... might have to check into that. Thank you for your post! Visiting from SWD - Simply God's Girl


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