Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Report for January 21-25, 2013

Last week was both frustrating and good.  Frustrating because we had some "we're going to do this even if it takes all day" issues and good because we did get things accomplished.

We did Circle Time five days.  We finished Tina Packer's The Tempest in our reading.  We reviewed and sang and sat everyone on chairs.  

Math is going well, although the time is tight.  The children seem to enjoy being together at least. M-girl started multiplication! Logic pages and drill sheets do a nice job of keeping children learning and occupied.

We read about the Crusades in history from Story of the World.  We read about the moon and Mercury in science.  We did not do much writing or grammar, something that absolutely must change and has already changed this week.

We did get Latin moving; N-boy and R-girl watched lessons while M-girl caught up with the workbook pages and flash cards from the last lesson she had watched.  

Overall a productive week. 

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