Friday, February 08, 2013

Weekly Report for Febrary 4-8, 2013

This was a pretty good week. We didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped, but we did have some good things happen

Circle Time continues to be a time of learning yet struggle.  We did 4 days this week, taking Thursday off because we don't do school on birthdays.  We are still slowly working through Opal Wheeler's Peter Tchaikovsky and Tina Packer's Othello.  We began a new hymn this week: Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended, and it's good.  We continue working through Covenantal Catechism, completing Lesson 4 this morning.

Math and Logic continue going really well.  M-girl's math has gotten hard.  She worked on multiples of 3 this week, and they introduced prime factors. I love how MEP has approached it - teaching multiplication, division, factoring, and fraction language (a third, a half, etc)  It's hard, but good.  N-boy is working on adding and subtracting across 10s.  R-girl is working on adding up to 13s.  The children continue working on Mindbenders and Critical Thinking Activities.  
They're working on some Geography workbooks, as well.  M-girl and N-boy are having to use an atlas with glossary to complete their work.  R-girl is done with the basic map introduction and is moving on to the section about different landforms.

We did history on Monday, reading about the Diaspora.  We did the map work and coloring page.  The children did narrations about the chapter.

We read about Mars today, then watched a video from Netflix about a couple of the older Mars landers.

R-girl watched Lesson 2 in Latin this week.  Neither of the others watched a lesson, but did review vocabulary and their workbook pages.  I think everyone got in two grammar lessons.

We are very close to finishing Pinocchio (hoorah! Will be glad to read something else).  We completed The Mighty Acts of God.  We've been enjoying reading The Christian Almanac as a family in the evenings as well.

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