Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly Report for February 15, 2013

Our week was weird.  We didn't do all the things I would like to accomplish, but I still think we had a good week.

We did four days of Circle Time which gradually improved throughout the week - which had started off with me frustrated. Friday, we finished Packer's Othello (M-girl was not a fan) and Wheeler's Tchaikovsky.  Happy Happy.  I think everyone has Jabberwocky down.  Our Bible memory is going well, too.  

We accomplished a good bit of math this week.  Some of it was hard.  N-boy is struggling with adding and subtracting across tens.  M-girl is doing multiplication, and while it is hard, she still likes it.  R-girl is adding up to 14s.  This coming week, I think we're going to focus on drilling math facts and skip counting because I think everyone needs the practice.

We went to the zoo on Monday.  That was fun.  It was nice to be out and do something different on a sunny (but windy) day.  We all did drawings in the gorilla house, here's N-boy's:

We learned about Jupiter during science this week and learned about the great red spot with an experience:

In History, we learned about the Khans - Gengis and Kublai.  We did the map work from Story of the World.

We started Memoria Press' States and Capitals curriculum for Geography.  That's going to work out well along with Geography blobbing, which I need to get prepared for soon!

We had a fun party for Valentine's Day with our art with friends group.  We ate wonderful food, did some crafts, and played.

The children worked a little on Latin.  None on grammar. Little writing.

I love doing weekly reports because we often do more than I think we did until I write it up. It's helpful to me to spend time reviewing the week! 


  1. What is geography blobbing? Enjoy seeing the children's work. :)

    1. I already sent this to you, but ... here's an article about it. The hard part is finding an appropriate map/projection.

  2. We need some more math drill here, too. I ordered some Wrap-Ups from Timberdoodle. I think the kinesthetic approach might be helpful for my wiggly boys. :)

    1. You'll have to tell me how those work, Anna. I've always been a bit suspicious that the pattern would be memorized more than the facts ...

  3. We started regularly drilling math facts this yea also. Seen a huge difference! :) I wanted simple, printed, timed math facts. Calculadder provided just at & I can print it for my entire family:


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