Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly report for February 18-22, 2013

We had an interesting week.  We had Monday off.  That was nice.  We needed a day to do not so much.  We did go geocaching at a local park with Jason, so that was a fun outing.  We saw how pioneers had used trees to create the fence line at the edge of their property.  We saw lots of mud and leaves and leafless trees.  It was nice to be outside on a nice-ish February day. 

Tuesday was back to lessons. 

We did Circle Time every day this week except Monday.  On Thursday, we did Circle Time in the car on our way to and from Bible Study.  That actually worked pretty well.  We didn't do catechism that day, but accomplished almost everything else.  We didn't do any reading during Circle Time this week, except from The Heavens and our Bible study. 

For Math this week, we focused on skip counting and math facts.  We played a flashcard game; if you are called on and get the answer right, you get the card.  If you get it wrong, I take one of your cards.  Child with most cards wins.  They liked that.  I finally purchased CalcuLadder. I'd been putting it off because M-girl, in particular, gets very upset at timed exercises.  Strangely, they have all loved doing Calculadder drills this week! We'll definitely keep up with it.  They've all taken twice the time to solve a page as they were supposed to so far, but we'll keep working at it.  This will be an excellent addition to our math time, I think.  Back to MEP next week.

We studied about Saturn on Wednesday.  N-boy built a bridge while he was listening.  R-girl copied two sentences, N-boy took dictation on two sentences, and M-girl on three.

On Tuesday in history, we read about the Marco Polo in China and the Forbidden City in China.  We watched a video on Netflix about the Forbidden City (it wasn't great). Today, we read about the Rus and their Czars Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible.  It was fascinating.  We also did the map work and the coloring pages for both chapters.  The children narrated both chapters as well.

Each child did some Latin and some Grammar on the three days we were home.  N-boy started to memorize the first FLL3 poem.  He also started diagramming! Hooray!  R-girl reviewed her three parts of speech (noun, verb, and pronoun) and started working on her address.  M-girl continued with diagramming and started Killgallon's Sentence Composing for Elementary Students.  I think she's going to enjoy it. 

R-girl is working on finishing Lesson 3 in Prima Latina; N-boy on Lesson 12.  M-girl is on Lesson 6 in LfC-A.  It's interesting to watch them all at their own pace and see their strengths and weaknesses come out.

Wednesday, we went to the local park nature building and built bluebird boxes with a local expert.  That was fun!

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  1. Yeh for Calculadder! :) The timed drills stressed out a few of my children but they are now getting better at speed & becoming less stressed. Yeah!

    Building the bird houses looks like a lot of fun!


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