Thursday, March 14, 2013

Light Posting

I'm still here! My posting will be light while I'm having some computer issues.  Probably posts will be mostly pictures which I can do without a lot of typing.

I hope to post some here and there, but it will be less consistent than it has been.

I'm also taking an edX course: The Ancient Greek Hero through HarvardX.  I hope to publish some of my thoughts here.  So far, in the introduction, it's fascinating.  We've read the first scroll of the Iliad, which I've never read.  I'm looking forward to reading more!  The course started yesterday; there's still time to enroll if you're interested. 

The course emphasis on reading some parts quickly and some parts slowly is interesting to me.  I wonder how this split style would work for Bible and devotional reading.  I've been reading the Professor Horner's reading system this year. (and, actually reading it thanks to Mystie's accountability email group!)  I'm loving the reading and the great context.  I'm on my second time through Acts and Proverbs and can tell the difference.  But, this isn't close reading.  I wouldn't say I'm reading to check mark that I've read, but I'm not reading in depth and I can tell.  I'm considering adding some sort of deeper study, somewhere.  Maybe in April.  Or July after the Ancient Greek course is done.  Assuming I stick with it.

We've had some light school days this week, but after the time change and working so hard in January and February, a light week has been what we needed.  Next week, though, look out! Back to heavy-duty lessons.

I think we're done with our study of Space for the time being.  We used God's Design for Science on Space through the planets.  There is a section on Space Exploration, but I can't say that it interests me all that much.  We may continue with reading Signs and Seasons, though.  The children chose between Weather and Geology for our next study.  Unanimously they chose Geology. It'll be interesting to see how that compares with A Child's Geography.

In History, we're about to begin the Age of Exploration.  We read, yesterday, about Ferdinand and Isabella.  We've read about the War of the Roses and Henry V.  M-girl threw the librarian for a loop asking for a book about Henry V for children.  We watched video of the St. Crispian's Day speech on YouTube. 

Circle Time has been hit or miss for the last week.  Mostly miss.  Maybe that's all we'll work on tomorrow.  I picked up Everyday Graces to read through because I had a couple of children who missed reading about manners.  That'll be a nice addition when we have time.  I also added Opal Wheeler's book on Handel.  I'm holding back on Shakespeare right now because next we have another tragedy.  Plus, we're finishing up a story in Parables from Nature: Red Snow. 

OK, better go make dinner and have children do piano lessons.


  1. You will have to tell me who the translator is for your Illiad copy. We are reading that next year, and I still haven't decided which is the preferable translation. Opinions?

  2. It is one done by a group under Prof. Nagy at Harvard, for the class he teaches. I think it is a book he will publish called 'Ancient Greek Heroes in 24 Hours.'

  3. That course does look interesting. Not a good time for me right now, but I will be interested in seeing what you think of it, and maybe I will get a copy of his book when it's published.


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