Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Report for April 8-12, 2013


My goal this week was to do 5 solid days of lessons. We achieved that. It was a beautiful start to the week weather-wise, so the children were able to be outside a lot.  It makes a difference.
We did four days of Circle Time.  We read a whole chapter of Parables from Nature about the interrelatedness and glory of all things.  We advanced further in Opal Wheeler's Handel.  The children really enjoy that. They're still working on "The Height of the Ridiculous" by Oliver Wendell Holmes.  They think it's funny. The CC science memory cards are a hit.
One of MEP's awesome logic problems.
In math, R-girl did 3 days, one of which was a test.  She only missed one on the test.  N-boy did 4 lessons and advanced to the next level of Calculadder addition.  M-girl did 4 lessons of math and started multiplying by 9s.
The history pockets have been a hit with the children. They wrote letters to Christopher Columbus asking for a job. We made a "hard tack" recipe (not authentic with baking powder, I'm sure) and it was a hit.  They like putting things in the pockets.  

We didn't do science this week, we've two glacial "experiences" in the freezer to complete. 

For geography we practiced our five great circles and geography blobs.  They also read about Rhode Island and completed the workbook page.
N-boy started conjugating verbs in Latin and R-girl learned some action verbs.  M-girl continues to work slowly through her chapter.  Grammar went well.  We had two piano lessons which cramped our style a little; but we're preparing for recital, so the extra practice is good.       
We also discussed the plot structure of Blueberries for Sal.

Soccer started and stopped with swampy fields this week.  Hope things dry out soon!


  1. i don't know where a "you-sing-it" messiah would be held in columbus, but you might look into that at christmas if your kids like the handel book. i participated in them in high school and college and performed in a concert of the christmas section and selected choruses when jon was on internship.

    1. There are several in Columbus and there was one in our town in December that we *almost* went to, it just didn't work for me to take 3 kids by myself. We'll try again this year. They'll enjoy it, I think. They also enjoy the Classical Kids CD "Hallelujah Handel." We read in The Christian Almanac that this date in history was the first performance of The Messiah - serendipitous.

  2. Love the hard tack! Also, what kinds of things do you guys do for circle time?

    1. Here's a link to our Circle Time:


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