Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Blueberries for Sal


  1. Did they enjoy this? I think I've always seen this chart & thought the process looked somewhat tedious...

    1. They do have fun with it. We've only done the plot points, not really any of the theme or further investigation, but they're young and this is a beginning.

      It doesn't take very long with a picture book. We read the book then figure out what goes where. First, we list the characters. Then we do the intro & conclusion, then the climax, finally write in the rising and falling action. We've only done two books, but so far so good.

      I wouldn't do it with every book. We've done two books ever.

  2. We love Blueberries for Sal! It is an annual end-of-summer read in our house.


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