Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review: Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

Men of IronMen of Iron by Howard Pyle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Own as Audio CD read by Jim Weiss. I hope to change to the correct edition soon ...

We listened to Men of Iron on a long trip. We enjoyed the story; the exploits and doings of Myles Falworth were exciting. His maturation throughout the book was well done - from foolish boy to brave, wise knight. His foolish misunderstandings were brought on, at least partially, from the lack of information the adults in his life gave him. Yet, the revelations of friendship, enemy, and history all moved the plot along. Much of the story of Myles' training revolved around his character, both the good and the bad. He was a natural leader, yet sometimes his leadership caused more trouble than necessary.

Perhaps our children were a little young for this. In some ways, the story was nuanced and the language difficult for them. We did have to explain what was going on in several places. They all insisted, however, that they liked the story, and since we own it, can listen again in the future.

While we generally enjoy Jim Weiss and his CDs, this one seemed less professional than we've come to expect. There were places where obvious corrections were made that were distracting to the adult listener.

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