Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Report for July 15-19, 2013

This turned into a pretty solid week:  three complete days of lessons Monday through Wednesday; one day of frivolity with their cousins and grandparents at Jungle Jack's Landing at the Zoo; and a light morning today because Daddy has the day off! All I required today was math, reading, and piano practices.

We started the second session of swim lessons this week. M-girl and N-boy were moved up a level and R-girl remained at her level. They're all learning and improving. It's been hotter this week which makes me wish I were taking swim lessons too! I did get some reading done, though.

Baseball season is over.

Math has been going pretty well. M-girl is in the final stages of her year, working with three digit numbers. MEP does such a great job with two digits that this section is a breeze. 8 more lessons and we're done with Year 2. N-boy is past the break for measurement and symmetry and is back to multiplication as of today. He's beginning to work on 6s. R-girl is working on money and reviewing her addition and subtraction. I was a little concerned that all three kiddos would be in Y2 together, but they're not.

Grammar wise, M-girl is working on dictionary skills. N-boy is out of FLL pages, so I introduced Sentence Composing for Elementary and Music of the Hemispheres. I usually use these as "occasional" supplements, but until I can get some printing done, we'll work on these. He hadn't wanted to do Music of the Hemispheres, but is loving it. We even wrote a poem together:

R-girl is working on different kinds of verbs. Hearing her brother and sister chant Helping Verbs over the past couple of years has made that a breeze!

N-boy finished Book 4 of Mindbenders, M-girl isn't far behind. R-girl is whooshing through Book 3. They all worked some on geography pages. Everyone did some penmanship, well M-girl did typing using Dance Mat Typing which she is loving.

Latin is going pretty well. N-boy is almost done with Prima. M-girl is slowly moving forward in Latin for Children A. R-girl is having so much fun with Prima. She really likes it.

Our biggest struggle is writing. They all read a lot in their books this week and everyone is really enjoying their book. M-girl is adoring Anne of Green Gables. N-boy is enjoying The Little Bookroom, and R-girl is liking Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse. But, any narration from R-girl is pulling teeth. I think we need to start over with her. N-boy can tell me about what happened stream-of-consciousness, but having to write a couple of sentences that make sense is hard. M-girl's hand is going to fall off if I make her write three sentences. She really needs to step up her game with writing.

 Overall, I'm pleased with our week. Here's to an interruption free week next week!

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  1. Sounds like a very productive week! We enjoyed using Prima Latina last year too.


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