Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Report for July 22-26, 2013

Huge sigh. So glad this week is done! It wasn't a bad week. It started out as a pretty good week. Somewhere along the way I lost a day. Suddenly on Wednesday it wasn't Tuesday. Don't you hate that? Or am I the only one that happens to?

Monday and Tuesday were pretty complete days. Wednesday we had a big library stop and piano lessons. Yesterday did not go well. Today was solid again.

This was the final week of swimming lessons for this summer. Woo-hoo! R-girl still wouldn't jump off the diving board, which means she must be a guppy again the next time she takes lessons. M-girl and N-boy both passed on to Fish level for their next lessons. N-boy even jumped off the high dive. Be still his mommy's heart.

Math was interesting this week. Success! M-girl finished Year 2. She did an average of two lessons a day to accomplish this. N-boy had a hard time with some of his. He loses his composure when it is hard, but once we get past that part, he moves right along. He's working on multiples of 6 and 9 this week. R-girl, on the other hand, never gets past the composure loss. We're going to need to do some fact review for a while I think ... flashcards for math next week.

Grammar has been a little piecemeal. M-girl is working on the dictionary skills section of FLL 3. Today, she was studying Emily Dickinson's "I never saw a moor ..." using Memoria Press' Grammar Stage Poetry. M-girl was asked "How does she know about heather and waves if she has never seen them?" M-girl's answer? "There is no frigate like a book." ♥♥♥ N-boy has been working on Killgallon Sentence Composing, two lessons this week. He watched a Latin lesson for one day of grammar and we worked on editing a paragraph he wrote today. R-girl did a little bit of grammar this week - Latin one day, FLL2 lessons a couple of days.

The reading is mostly going well. M-girl is loving Anne of Green Gables. She doesn't like it when characters die, so I had to warn her ahead that something bad was going to happen. We'll see if she's still talking to me when she gets there. I'm holding off on Little Women for another year or two ... N-boy is enjoying The Little Bookroom still. Their chapter narrations are going well. R-girl is tolerating Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse. She'll finish it sometime.

I feel like M-girl is growing up before my eyes; she started her own commonplace book today ... on her own initiative.

We've been working on typing. M-girl finished Dance Mat Typing and had a lot of fun with it. She's practicing using NitroType, and considering her general antipathy toward competition, she's having so much fun with it (Who am I kidding? I've been practicing with it too and I'm also having a blast!). N-boy is working on Dance Mat typing. R-girl finished cursive "r."

R-girl finished Beginning Geography K-2 this week. I just love that program. I think we may have to add Daily Geography in the next year for everyone. Latin is moving along. Logic, too. M-girl and N-boy are both done with Book 4 of Mindbenders, so they've been working on other logic games here and there.

I feel like I'm missing something ...

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