Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Report for July 8-12, 2013

The second week of swimming lessons went swimmingly :)  All of the children improved in their abilities and  M-girl and N-boy passed on to the next level.  The two of them jumped off the diving board!  R-girl was pretty sure that jumping off the diving board wasn't for her this time.  Maybe next session.

Monday, we cleaned the children's bedrooms.  It was a necessity.  Baseball was cancelled for storms.  It was supposed to be their last game, we're hoping to make it up but haven't heard anything yet.

Tuesday, we ran some errands (haircuts!) including a long-delayed trip to the library.  The children caught up their summer reading program, winning their 6 & 12 hour prizes and checking out new books to read.  Our town is running a 'Find Waldo in Delaware' event (funny because there's a town called Waldo not 20 minutes up the road) so we went to several local businesses with our passport and found Waldo. T-ball was cancelled for storms.

Wednesday, our friend from church Miss L came to spend school-time with us.  She's one of the all-time favorite people of all three children (and their mom, truth be told), and the babysitter of preference for the family.  We love it when she comes to school with us when she's home from college!  We get so much done ... math, grammar, Latin.  Here she is doing some grammar with N-boy and Latin with R-girl on her lap:

We also had piano lessons that day.

Thursday was a rough day.  We all had a hard time getting started after swim lessons which means we ended later than I prefer.  We still got through the basics.  N-boy is reading The Little Bookroom, M-girl is reading Anne of Green Gables, and R-girl is starting Hotel for Dogs (which she won from the library summer reading)  M-girl worked on a lesson from Killgallon's Sentence Composing for Elementary. She doesn't like that because of the writing, but she's got to do it.  R-girl got to play T-ball, finally!


Today was better.  No swim lessons on Fridays, so we got started a little earlier.  Everyone did math, M-girl had a test.  She missed 3 out of 25, which isn't great, but when I had her correct her errors, she fixed them with no help.  They were all mistakes from lack of attention to detail rather than ability.  We'll work on that.  N-boy watched Lesson 20 in Latin, so no Grammar today, but the others did some Grammar.  R-girl kept working on Lesson 8 in Prima Latina as did M-girl in LFCA.  I'd like to pick up the pace here, I think that means I'll have to be on them more.  Everyone did some logic and piano and geography.  We've worked on more penmanship and typing this week.

The hardest part of this week (other than cleaning bedrooms) was getting everyone motivated.  Even today's encouragement that the earlier we began the earlier we'd get done did not light a fire in anyone to get moving or work quickly.  That's something we need to work on.  I think when I was a student it was called "using time wisely." I wasn't good at it either. 


  1. Oh, swim lesson weeks. They're tough, school-wise, but it looks like you worked hard at getting in the school. Good job, Mom! :)

  2. Hmmm... "Using time wisely"... Not sure if I achieve this consistently... Good to learn & work towards though!


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