Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Ordinary Time

In all the daily routines at home, we were taught This is what we do, This is how we do it, This is where things go. Most of these were routines and habits established simply by the way in which our parents had ordered their own lives.  We learned by watching.  But what if our parents had not been there?  What if we had seen more of some other "caregiver" than we saw of Daddy and Mother? The power of influence would have been diluted.  "Quality time" can never substitute for ordinary days spent doing ordinary things together.
(pg 156, italics hers, bold mine)

This affected me more in the "do we have daily routines?" (sorta) "what are they?"(um, er)  "how are they practiced"(um, er) "what could be improved?" (much) sense than what she says of "Quality Time and caregivers."  In fact, I almost quoted the last, bolded part of the last sentence only.  Isn't that a lovely way to think of it? How do we arrange our "Ordinary Time?" How do we have "Ordinary Days?"

And, most importantly, how do we establish those routines with children (and 40 year old mommies) who haven't ever had or been good at routines for ordinary days?

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  1. I love ordinary days. You ask some good questions. Looking forward to reading about any answers you come up with.

  2. Hi,came via Words on Wednesday. Read this book years ago - good common sense sort of stuff. My older kids have fond memories about things I thought were pretty ordinary....that's comforting!

  3. I read this book in the last year or so and very much enjoyed her memoirs of her upbringing. I like ordinary days as well and I miss our routines during summer and other holidays. I actually enjoy getting back to Mondays. :)

  4. This is how we are going to preserve western civ. now!! Love this quote on so many levels.


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