Monday, September 09, 2013

Circle Time September 9-13, 2013

Circle Time plans for the week of ... : September 9-13, 2013

This will be an odd week of Circle Time. We have two piano lessons this week (one makeup); ice skating is available Wednesday (maybe); there's a homeschool Book Club at a local library that we'd like to try out on Friday. A perfect storm one might say. So, we'll only have the opportunity for four Circle Times (I only plan for 4 per week anyway) and two of those will be shortened, stopping after poetry on this list. Bible: We continue working on Colossians 3:12-17. We're also working on the Put On Chart Bible Study from Doorposts. This week we're discussing Kindness.

Catechism: Reviewing. R-girl may be on her last week with the 7th and 8th Commandments. Please be so.

Hymn: Third verse of "Now Unto Jehovah, Ye Sons of the Mighty." I like this verse, "Jehovah the cedars of Lebanon breaks." After this week, we're going to drop the Odd/Even review hymn to just weekly and practice it a little less.

Covenantal Catechism: We're studying Israel's wandering. We're using Jamie Soles' song "The Sign of the Cross" along with it.

Poetry: We started "The Spider and the Fly" today. We're going to start reading poems in the Poetry for Young People William Blake.

Counting: another week of 12s. That will be all our skip counting, but we will start adding Logos Press' Math Facts Sound off.

History: two VP history cards; and I don't even know which ones.

Science: continue reviewing the Geology cards.

Geography: Start the Scandinavia song, review one old song.

Latin: We're working through the Song School Latin songs, Quid Agis Song and Family Song this week, I think.

Reading: We're reading from Peril and Peace, the chapter on the Cappadocians. We continue with Everyday Graces, currently reading on using our words appropriately. I think we're going to read some Fairy Tales through the end of the school year, alternating weeks with Parables from Nature.

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