Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Report for September 16-20, 2013

The first two days went well. The third went surprisingly well, considering. We had a scheduled off day on Thursday. Friday, well, Friday was no school, unscheduled.

Monday, we did Circle Time and our regular schedule. Everyone accomplished the assigned work, although some folks needed more, ahem, encouragement than others. At least, that's what I remember about Monday ... it was a long time ago!

Tuesday was Jason's birthday! He worked from home in the morning and we did school, and we went to the fair in the afternoon. We did Circle Time. R-girl finished Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! on Monday, so she and I made a chart comparing the chapters - problem, cure, etc. Everyone did Math, Latin, Piano, and Reading. It was a good, albeit long day with a soccer game and dinner out afterward.

Wednesday, I woke feeling awful. It wasn't a huge surprise; M-girl had felt badly last Thursday, R-girl threw up all day Saturday, it seems like it was my turn. Happily, I had assignments pre-set and ready to go. So, even though they didn't do Math or Grammar on Wednesday, they still had a relatively solid school day. We watched a couple of Magic School Bus videos and a movie about Denali from Netflix. Well, they watched. I slept. The older children did their work relatively cheerfully and without much encouragement to keep working, it was hard on the student who has recently had a hard time focusing on work. But, in the end, everything was accomplished that I thought needed to be done. Here's some pictures of how I've been assigning work (these are from last week, but essentially the same):

This is my list with everyone's assignments.
This is a sample of N-boy's list. His is blue.

Thursday was a day off for my Bible Study, I was feeling better, so we went. We also went to my parents' house for one last frolic in the pool:

Friday, I planned on doing school, but someone wasn't feeling well, and no one was motivated, so we watched some more Magic School Bus and Runaway Ralph on Netflix. After lunch, we watched The Muppets. I still cry during The Rainbow Connection. It was fun. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes. Hope next week isn't so.


  1. It's hard to get things done when you're not feeling well! Homeschool momma's job is never done!

  2. I love the Muppets and always get teary when I hear Rainbow Connection. Glad I am not the only one!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! It makes our days hard too when I am under the weather


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