Saturday, September 07, 2013

Weekly Report for September 2-6, 2013

We accomplished a lot this week. It continued to take some pulling and pushing along, but we got almost everything I planned done. So, yay.

We took Monday off for Labor Day and had fun with friends at a morning birthday party and at a cookout with other friends in the evening.

We had four days of Circle Time and one went really well. We listened to our chapter of Parables From Nature in the car on the way to take M-girl to my brother and sister-in-law's home for the Crew Game.

In History, we read about the Reformation from Story of the World II. We caught up on some map work and started making shrinky dink stained glass windows. The kids haven't all finished coloring, I can't wait to bake them!

For Science, the children each read and narrated from a library book about geology on three days.

For Literature, they continued reading and narrating their books. N-boy read four more chapters of his children's Pilgrim's Progress. R-girl finished Sarah, Plain and Tall. We did a plot story chart about the book using the Teaching The Classics template.

M-girl finished Anne of Green Gables. She loved it (and still loves me. She tried to not cry, but couldn't quite avoid it.) On Friday, she and I made an ANI chart. The issue she chose was whether Anne should have sent Diana home after Matthew's death. It was a great issue to discuss! This was the first time she'd done this kind of thing, and did a lovely job. I can see being able to dig even more deeply, but since she's 8 I was pleased that she was able to understand the idea and start working on it.

Math was good this week. M-girl continues to review and started working on a little bit of measurement moving between cm-m-km. R-girl was also working on a measurement week. N-boy continues working on multiplication and order of operations. All three children did logic problems this week with M-girl and N-boy working on Detectives Club together. R-girl is still working on Mindbenders.

Everyone worked some in Grammar this week. M-girl is moving along and working on pronouns and antecedents to the pronoun. She started learning her first poem in FLL4. N-boy began learning The Bells (bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells) by Poe this week as well as focusing on diagramming adjectives and adverbs. R-girl began learning The Year by Sara Coleridge and worked some on verbs working together. In Latin, M-girl continued working on Lesson 11. N-boy started the first lesson of Latin For Children. R-girl worked on Lesson 14; she still has some work to do.

The kids worked on some more states in their workbooks. They practiced the piano. They either typed or worked on penmanship.

Overall, a satisfying week despite its very real difficulties and frustrations.

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  1. Shrinky Dinks!! I haven't seen those in years!


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