Monday, September 02, 2013

Weekly Report forAugust 26-August 30, 2013

We still didn't have a stellar week. I was telling people at church yesterday that I think I've gotten a big kick with "back to school" time and my expectations rose back up high, but the children haven't received such an impetus and their expectations have remained low.  Thus, conflict.  I hope to resolve this during this week.

Academically, we got done what we needed to, well, maybe except Circle Time.  We did a little Circle Time 3 days, and really didn't get far into it on those days ... only through to our Bible lesson or so? We had some late evenings on Sunday and Thursday.  Piano moved earlier on Wednesday really shortened that day too.  Tuesday was difficult and I don't remember why.  Sometimes it's best to just let it go.

We read three lessons on minerals in our science book.  Our new schedule has us doing lessons on science together and reading books about history for one week then switching the next.  I think this will work out better.  N-boy read the Peace Hill Press book about Johannes Gutenberg.  He really liked it.  M-girl read a choose your own adventure book about the Middle Ages.  R-girl read the Mike Venezia book about Leonardo da Vinci. They did some written narrations and the older two did some dictations from this reading.
In their literature reading, M-girl is two chapters from finishing Anne of Green Gables.  She has loved it.  N-boy started Abeka's children's version of Pilgrim's Progress.  He likes it except the chapters are short.  R-girl is almost done with Sarah, Plain and Tall.  She does not like it.  She has not yet learned to just get it done rather than prolong the torture.  Hm. Each of them wrote about their chapters.

Math is going pretty well.  M-girl is moving along in MEP Year 3, reviewing multiplication.  N-boy has finished the teaching multiplication part and gets to start Year 2's very gentle lessons on fractions.  R-girl is reviewing addition and subtraction at the beginning of Year 2. Each of them completed 5 lessons.

N-boy and M-girl have been working through CTC's Crypto Mindbenders Joke book.  They liked it pretty well, but have asked to alternate with Prufrock Press' Detective Club book.  R-girl asked for no logic this past week, until Thursday when she begged me for a mindbender. 

Grammar is going well.  M-girl is several lessons into FLL4.  I love that they're teaching editing marks here, how wonderful.  N-boy is plugging through diagramming in FLL3.  R-girl is still talking with me about verbs.  We do Latin alongside grammar, at the same time of day.  R-girl finished lesson 13 in Prima Latina, M-girl started working on Lesson 11 in Latin for Children A (I'm giving her 2 weeks per lesson), and N-boy finished Prima Latina! 

The children continued learning about the different states in Geography.  They're learning states, capitals, mailing codes, and a little about each state.  The older two practiced typing, R-girl continued learning cursive.  Everyone did piano practice and lessons.  R-girl is working on her spelling using Explode the Code book 2, she's almost done.  

We listened to music by Handel.  We went ice skating for the first time and saw some friends (and I, sadly, got no pictures) 

So, overall, we accomplished a lot of academic work, but we still need to address the attitudes of all involved (most especially, mine.)


  1. What do you plan on doing for grammar after FLL 4?

  2. I don't know yet. I need to do some research. The consensus on WTM seems to be either Rod and Staff or Hake Grammar which is secular. Some use Analytical Grammar. I'm concerned about R&S, which would be my first choice but for the theological persuasion. I need to look into it more, but Hake and diagramming is probably the way we'll go.

  3. And I may look into MCT Grammar with diagramming.

    I know several folks use Our Mother Tongue.

    I may have M work through Grammar-Land again.

  4. We own & want to sell Rod & Staff 5 if u want to buy it. Theology didn't bother me. We r using Our Mother Tongue, Fix-It & few other things.

  5. We own Rod & Staff 5 if you want to buy it. Theology didn't bother me. We are using Our Mother Tongue, Fix-It & a few other things.


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