Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Report for November 18-22, 2013

We're done! Our 2013 Academic Year finished today.  Hooray! Yippee!

It was a tough week, I won't lie.  We did a pretty good job getting school work accomplished, but maybe not as good as I might have hoped.

We finished our science book in the car.  We read about caves and the Grand Canyon.  Earlier in the week we read about water erosion and mass waste.  For history the children read about pirates, Captain Cook, Magellan, and other explorers.  M-girl read Betrayal, one of the Lady Grace Mysteries.

In Latin, everyone came to a good breaking point.  We took a slow week in Latin, R-girl did finish Lesson 21, though.  The others enjoyed playing some on Headventureland.  Since N-boy mostly makes charts and M-girl reviews words, I'm OK with that.  The girls did watch a video today:

For Grammar R-girl continues to work on adverbs and adjectives.  N-boy is diagramming sentences in ever lesson.  M-girl was excited to learn about Indirect Objects today.  I wish someone had taught me about indirect objects this way - high school Spanish might've gone better.  Not much writing got accomplished this week, although R-girl did work on her narrations and "What do you remember?" lessons every day. 

Math went OK this week. N-boy is five lessons from completing Y2.  It's killing me that we didn't finish, but my goal is to do those five lessons over break.  M-girl is working on multiplication and division in hundreds, she will definitely be doing some math over break.  R-girl is working on addition and subtraction in 10s.  All three children finished logic books this week.  N-boy and M-girl did well with theirs, even when introduced to ideas like percentages and decimals which they have yet to learn.  R-girl struggled with the end of her book - the answer key was our friend - but I'm not worried about it because she shouldn't have been able to do any of it really.

I didn't assign N-boy a new literature book for the last week or two.  M-girl is part-way through On the Shores of Silver Lake and R-girl has one chapter left of Homer Price.  I suspect they'll finish over break.

M-girl and N-boy both finished through the Southeastern States in their Memoria Press Geography book.  All three had piano lessons and piano practices.  N-boy reached Level 30 in NitroType and he's ecstatic. I don't know what level M-girl is in, but she's doing well.

We did ART with friends on Thursday; enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner and did a turkey craft:

We finished reading Barbara Rainey's book about Thanksgiving.  We continued with The Hobbit and Christian Almanac.  

We had a tree delivered on Wednesday.  It was very exciting and not many lessons were accomplished that day. 

We went to Whit's in Delaware to celebrate the end of our Academic Year today (we started in January).
An older gentleman was there and expressed surprise to see three school-aged kids mid day. I explained that we homeschool and today was our last day. He asked some questions about how it's going and if we like it. (Well and Love it.) It seemed as though he was leaving. The children and I placed our orders, as I was reaching into my wallet, he walked up to the counter and paid for our ice cream! I was thankful for his generosity and example to us.
Tonight we enjoyed watching Mary Poppins.  We read the book a year ago, but the library copy was missing when I looked. I was glad they have one now! We had a fun time watching it as a family.
Overall, a good Academic Year.  Bring on Yuletide Session!


  1. Congratulations! We usually try to end around now as well, but this year we won't end until end of January. :( Great job!

    1. It just seemed to work out that we finished things this year; I usually just stop wherever we are. Ah, Providence.

  2. That's neat about the man at Whit's. :) Congrats on an Academic Year well done, and enjoy your break!

  3. Very cool - the man buying your ice cream! How neat! We read Mary Poppins a year or so ago but still haven't watched the movie. I think I'm going to have to check our library!

    1. We liked the movie quite a bit better than the book. The kids have been singing LOL

  4. Mary Poppins is coming up on our reading list, but we already watched the movie so I haven't decided if we will do the book or skip it.

    1. We liked the movie better than the book. That's a rare preference for me. It might be interesting to compare the opposite way.


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